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Filling up! At my friend’s natural spring. Photo of Melissa Rach

How do you write for Medium? How do I write for Medium? This is usually when I stop writing.

I have a graduate degree. I studied English Literature in college. I’ve written pages and pages of papers, including a 30-something page capstone, a paper where I mimicked J.D. Salinger’s prose in Catcher In the Rye, and an anti-leadership paper on Michael Scott. So now, how do I write for fun? How do I find my voice without a rubric? Does anyone care? Which also leads me to the question of — who am I doing this for?

This endless mind reel may seem familiar to you. Maybe I will put a pause on mine and give you some background. About me.

Top: Info found atop Grandad’s Bluff in La Crosse, WI, Left: Mom, Rue, and me in Grand Marais, MN, view from a boat in Taylor’s Falls, WI

I hail from the green-and-gold state of Wisconsin. To be exact, the Driftless Region of the western coast of Wisconsin. John Steinbeck described this area well in Travels with Charley, one of my all-time favorite wanderlust novels…

“Weird country sculpted by the Ice Age, a strange, gleaming country of water and carved…