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My name is Patricia Davis, but my friends call me Pat. My family called me Patti Jane, and still do. Since I’m not a little girl anymore, that hardly fits, but I could never change it until I went to college. I have been called Pat for almost 40 years now.

My Life

I am the daughter of an army veteran and a school teacher. I knew when I was 6-years-old that I, too, would someday teach, and I did. I taught English, English Language Arts, gifted and talented English and English Language Arts, public speaking, theatre arts, and oral interpretation for 23 years in Texas public schools. I miss teaching and my students.

My husband and I have been married for 38 years, and have one son. We are empty-nesters now, still living in Texas with a neurotic cat named Neko. I have always wanted to have the time to write the stories that are in my head. Now that I am retired, I do.

My Writing

My writing is mainly focused on helping others learn to do something and sharing my experiences as I learn new things. I share my learning process. I wrote about what I learned about blogging and how I had to adjust from writing essays.

I decided I wanted to write a cookbook with all my family’s favorite recipes to pass down to future generations. I wrote about starting my own wild yeast (sourdough) starter and learning to bake different recipes using the discard like crackers, flatbread and pizza dough, sourdough pancakes, and sourdough apple bombs.

I am just an everyday cook, so I like to keep things simple. I wrote about how using weights instead of measuring makes your cooking more consistent. I am currently writing about my family’s favorite holiday recipes. Yum!

My Passions

I also like to write about anything that can help you simplify your life so that you can live your best life every. I wrote about organizing your time, feeling normal during this pandemic, finding self-value, and building new habits to normalize life.

I am passionate about education and learning. I strive to learn something new every day. I love to craft, sew, garden, and bake. I am the editor of Simply Living and Living Simply. Follow me and my publication.

I would love for you to keep in touch and follow my journey.

Pat Davis, a retired teacher and editor of Simply Living and Living Simply, lives with her husband and neurotic cat, Neko. She loves to read, write, travel, bake, garden, sew, and craft.



Patricia Davis
About Me Stories

Pat blogs about food, sustainability, and living simply. Sourdough is a particular passion. She also writes historical fiction with social justice themes.