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About Me — Sarene B. Arias

Coming out comes in all shapes and sizes

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I’ve tried to write this “About Me” entry many times. After all, I love reading them. I love that Medium is a social network for over-sharers, a place where sharing the life-experience that shaped one’s perspective is the rule, not the exception.

I love over-sharing on Medium.




A publication dedicated to bringing out the stories behind the writers themselves. A place of autobiographies. Types of personal stories include introductions, memoirs, self-reflections, and self-love.

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Sarene B. Arias

Sarene B. Arias

Tantrika & Hands-on healer. Sexy community at orgasmic.substack.com. Support me by being a paid member: sarene.medium.com/membership 👋🏼 sarene.arias@gmail.com

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