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About Me — Serge Prengel

What kind of snack does Buddha eat as he’s watching TV?

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What kind of snack does Buddha eat as he’s watching TV?

I’m trying to tell you a lot about myself while using just a few words. So now you know something about me: I like to use pictures to supplement words.

There’s also the statement below the picture. It may sound a bit silly. But it stops you in your tracks, the way a koan would.

I am very interested in these kinds of things. Not just koans, but ways to open up to new perspectives.

I think of mindfulness as what naturally happens when we disrupt the mindless default mode. As a matter of fact, I run a podcast called Active Pause.

Professionally, I am a therapist. I am aware of how much of what happens between us is implicit rather than explicit. Not just one on one, but also how important the Collective Implicit is to shape society. So I run another podcast called Relational Implicit.

Here are a couple of my recent articles.




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Serge Prengel

Serge Prengel

Serge Prengel is a therapist. He is the author of Bedtime Stories For Your Inner Child and other books. See: http://activepause.com/books

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