About Me Stories Weekly Update — 3/15/21

New and interesting writers!

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Hey Medium Family!

Once again today, I’m going to keep it short. But holy moly, this week’s stories were fantastic. Really.

After reading their ‘about me’ stories, I’m very much looking forward to getting to know this week’s writers better and reading more of their work.

Constantly growing, the beautiful community of the About Me Stories publication stands today at an impressive 1,766 followers! ❤

Shameless Plug

Before we get to the stories, I’ve got to slip in a quick publication plug. I want to make sure you all know about Quy Ma’s and my humor publication, Fill in the Blanks, based on the game Mad Libs.

In our version of the game, we provide the prompts, writers provide the stories, and the community pitches in the words. The result? Hilarious, distributable stories. Want to join in the fun?

8 About Me Stories

This week’s stories knocked my socks off. I’m sharing just eight today because I really think you ought to read them.

They some special stories written by special and beautiful writers. Enjoy!

“In this article, I am choosing to write about me — not my credentials, not my education, not my work. Just me.”

“If you want to play exceptionally fast and loose with what titles I may afford myself, I suppose I could say I’m a political activist.”

“Writing is what makes me a writer. Improving and putting the work out there is what makes me a professional.”

Reality is cruel and unstable, and terrible things might happen with good people. In real life kids die, good people get cancer, and people who we love get tired and walk away.”

“Growing up slap bang in the middle of two radically opposing cultures as a diaspora child was interesting to say the least.”

“Writing, for me, has been a way to work through my traumas, a way to rediscover who I am, a way for me to chart a course away from the negative thoughts that have assailed me over the past decade. I’m trying, in short, to write my way back to happiness.”

“…London teaches you a thing or two about the hustle and bustle of the world. Especially when you are not as privileged as the other kids. I owe my life to my mother’s determination.”

“Writing is the perfect job for me, a woman buffeted between existential doubt and the cosmic laugh.”

Wait, we’ve got more!

I know, I selected eight to highlight, but everyone this week had a meaningful story to tell.

I hope you’ll continue on to read the stories of this week’s writers, Jordan Weinstein, Adam Hillis, Marijke McCandless, Sakshi kalwadia, and Sheryll James. ❤

The Editors of About Me Stories

Remember, the editors of About Me Stories want to be here for you in your journeys as writers on Medium.

If you have questions or think we can help with something, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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