About Me Stories Weekly Update — 3/29/21

New and interesting writers!

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Hey Medium Family!

It’s that time again. Time, that is, for another quick check-in from About Me Stories!

To those who wrote stories this week, thank you! It’s always very cool and inspiring to see the breadth of life experiences and interests that are represented here on Medium and in About Me Stories.

Weekly follower count update: 1,872. Wow. (I’m going to place my bet now that I’ll get to announce breaking that 2K mark in about three weeks' time.)

Shameless Plug

Before we get to the stories, I’ve got to slip in a quick publication plug. I want to make sure you all know about Quy Ma’s and my humor publication, Fill in the Blanks, based on the game Mad Libs.

In our version of the game, we provide the prompts, writers provide the stories, and the community pitches in the words. The result? Hilarious, distributable stories. Want to join in the fun?

10 About Me Stories

All right, it’s story time.

Settle in to read the ‘about me’ stories from ten very different individuals, each with their own histories, goals, and their own place here on Medium.

“Scarlett Jess Perrodin is my voice after being silenced for years. She allows me to write safely, with reckless abandon. She is not so much my alter ego as she is my central, candid identity.”

“My girls are shy like myself, and I am working hard on how to help them find their voice, especially in school. It is like trying to teach someone how to swim when you are afraid of the water.”

“If I have this knowledge in my head but don’t know how to communicate effectively, then how can I be helpful to others?”

“Every single person deserves to have themselves represented in literature and to have characters they can relate to.”

“I grew up wanting to “save the world” and make everyone happy. Small things.”

“My prose is a little moody and bitchy but it’s honest.”

“I had asthma, scarlet fever, and celiac as a youngster, and needed to consume twenty pounds of bananas a week for the potassium. People mistook me for an accordion because I wheezed so much.”

“Have you ever had those little moments when you realised that you finally understood and learned something new and awesome? And the joy that came after it?”

“I discovered ‘work’ is a four-letter word I’d rather not mention again. So that’s it, a new start.”

“I’m a very lucky and proud man, with a beautiful family and a life that I wouldn’t swap in a heartbeat.”

We have more stories!

Nope, those ten aren’t all we’ve got.

The following writers have also contributed their about me stories, and who knows, maybe your new favorite Medium connection is among them.

Hugo Bertrand, Hasan Mahbub Tusher, Laine Kaleja, Dr. Derek Austin 🥳, Pranjal Saxena, Linda Acaster, Raja Lubis

The Editors of About Me Stories

Remember, the editors of About Me Stories want to be here for you in your journeys as writers on Medium.

If you have questions or think we can help with something, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Peace ❤


Writer and Writing Mentor. Screenwriter. Honest. Human. She/Her. @elancassandra on Instagram, @ElanCDuensing on Twitter. https://linktr.ee/elancassandra

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