About Me Stories Weekly Update — 3/8/21

New and interesting writers!

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Hey Medium Family!

I’m going to keep it short today, I promise.

Thank you for your fabulous stories! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you all a little bit better.

Today, the beautiful community of the About Me Stories publication stands at an impressive 1,721 followers! ❤

Shameless Plug

I just want to take a quick second to make sure you’ve heard about my publication, Introspection, Exposition, which showcases the work of honest and talented writers. Its heart, Introspection, Exposition for writers who want to dig deep and tell their authentic stories, and for readers looking for contemplative and unconventional work.

It’s a place for writers to not only share honest personal essays, but also to explore short fiction, humor, and poetry. We also have a section called Curiosity where our writers to go deep into their obsessions — things like true crime or how the world apparently keeps spinning faster.

Feel free to check us out here:

10 About Me Stories

I think you’re going to love this week’s stories and the writers who shared them!

Here are 10 special stories from 10 beautiful writers. Enjoy!

“I think it’s important to appreciate what life has to offer us and what service we can provide to others, regardless of age.”

“Life is cruel but it is also beautifully fragile and precious.”

“I’ve discovered that the more of the world we see, the more we realise there is more to discover.”

“For a sex and erotica writer, I’m pretty vanilla.”

“The most rewarding work I’ve ever done has definitely been going back into prisons to educate and inspire incarcerated men.”

“I have often found myself being trapped in the dilemma of whether to act according to societal requirements or just do what a human needs to do.”

“In a country where very few people speak English and only 2% of the population is not made up of Japanese people, I couldn’t hide in the back anymore.”

“I sincerely believe that we are on the brink of a Renaissance in the field of independent writing and publishing.”

“Whenever they repeat the story, I mentally high-five three year old me, because I intrinsically understood then that I am the curator of my own identity.”

“When I write, I want to speak the whole truth.”

Wait, there are more!

Among the writers of the “about me” stories published this week, we also have…

…someone who has reported on the “soft” sciences (psychology, sociology, learning), “the book mechanic,” an aspiring “feel good expert,” someone working on leading “a life that is truly [hers],” someone whose greatest passions are “travelling and studying culture, history and languages,” someone who “in an attempt to counteract the twaddle” practices and teaches “the Chinese martial arts of kung fu and tai chi,” someone “figuring out life, one idea at a time,” someone for whom “Neuroscience is a favorite subject,” someone who “can trace [her] writing back to elementary school — kindergarten to be exact,” and someone whose “first publication was in a medical education journal, talking about simulation in a cardiovascular physiology curriculum.”

Melinda Blau, August Birch, Ashley Alt, Silvia Poldaru, MA, Philippa Bagley, Sarah Lau Parker, Louis Petrik, Nanci Arvizu, Rebecca Kojetin, Hammad Khalid

Wondering who’s who? Read their stories to find out. 😉

Writer and Writing Mentor. Screenwriter. Honest. Human. She/Her. @elancassandra on Instagram, @ElanCDuensing on Twitter. https://linktr.ee/elancassandra

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