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About Me — Terry Bowyer

I learned a powerful lesson when I received an insightful letter from my future self

Dear Terry

It’s yourself here. Greetings from 5 years in the future. I’ve come to check up on you. You’ve come a long way in your 47 years. Born and raised in Great Britain, you moved to New Zealand when you were 17 years old. Now happily married with two cats. Yes, you do love cats, don’t you?

Before we start. No, you didn’t win the lottery!

You are still working full-time in the IT industry. You love it. You love the whole process improvement and mentoring opportunities it gives you. You have gained a huge amount of skill and knowledge over the years. I can’t wait to read all about it.

You have always been persistent. Choosing experiences over possessions every time. I’ve stopped counting the number of times you’ve annoyed your wife by taking up another hobby. Photography, camping, surfing (that was an expensive one). Only to give it up 3 weeks later after realizing that it wasn’t for you. I applaud you. I’d rather you tried and failed than not try at all. Persistence. That’s one quality we’ve always been proud of and will continue to be.

One area that I know you have become passionate about is your writing. It’s only been a couple of months, but at least it’s been longer than 3 weeks. Remember that time when you were young, and mum went to see a fortuneteller? Remember that she said that one day you would write a book? I won’t tell you whether you write a book, but I know you are developing a real passion and taking your writing very seriously.

I know it’s early days, and you are still learning. I know you are thinking that there are no shortcuts in life. That’s good because there aren’t. I can tell you though, the Medium course you have been eyeing up will give you a very healthy boost. Knowledge is power.

Look above you. That isn’t a glass ceiling you are looking at. It’s what you know is possible if you put the work in. Those dreams of being a great writer. Being able to travel, speak, research, and connect with people are closer than you think.

“If there is one thing I want you to take away from this letter it’s The power of persistence. Never give up. Persistence is difficult by definition and you are far stronger than you think you are. Don’t stop writing. Don’t stop practicing. Never give up ” — Future Terry Bowyer

Here are some tips I can give you. Always back yourself. I’ve seen you struggling with that recently. Don’t give in to self-doubt and don’t let that ugly imposter syndrome rears its head. I know it drags you down. It’s ok, I have your back.

I’ve always admired how positive you have become. Nothing seems to phase you. It’s done you in good stead and will continue to do so.

Engage in the Medium writing community. Embrace their knowledge experience and expertise. They are just as enthusiastic as you are.

You still have that quest for knowledge. Spend more time reading and researching. I know you were thinking of going back to university to study Psychology. You should seriously consider that. It will help give voice to your writing. After all, that understanding the brain stuff is really what makes you tick.

Remember. You are never finished. You will discover new opportunities and new milestones to achieve. You will also have new challenges to overcome. Knowing you, you will be up for the challenge. Nothing can stop you. Break that ceiling and I’ll see you on the other side.

Take care buddy




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Terry Bowyer

Nature lover and an eternal optimist at heart. I love to write about personal growth and mental health.