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About Me — Toyin Zuleiha

Who Needs Bios, I Can Make This About Me Post As Long As I Want!

I wrote earlier about most social media bios being too limiting to describe what you do and your accomplishments but with this About Me post, I can write a bio as long as I want.

Thank you About Me

I really can’t remember the first time I started writing, I assume it started in school when we are asked to write essays. But the first time I wrote something impressive was during an examination in secondary school when the question asked that we write about what we would like to become.

I remember that day, sitting by the wall in the second row in class, I took a deep breath and poured my mind into the exam sheet. Days later, my English teacher came to look for me, she wanted to know if I had copied the essay from somewhere to which I responded in the negative. So she took me to her office, to rewrite the essay. It felt pretty cool and affirmed my genius.

Ever since, I figured that for me to write anything good, all I have to do is take a deep breath.

Ganiyu is our family name but I call myself Toyin Zuleiha because they are both my names and no matter the transfer or re-transfer of my ‘ownership’ (no thanks to patriarchy for that), I still remain Toyin Zuleiha.

I spoke into the void for eight years in my career as a radio presenter, yeah! I can be that crazy.

I slept on writing for so long, turns out it is the outlet I have been yearning all these years.

I am obsessed with healthy and wholesome living. I don’t believe you have to work yourself till your back breaks before you become successful, I am still finding out if it is true.

I love eating vegetables, exercising, and drinking lemon grass tea even though I haven’t done that in a while.

I love to play with my hair a lot, trying on different hairstyles

My ideal life would be waking up each day to express my thoughts to the waiting ears of the world in whatever format I deem fit and making a shit load of money while at it.

I am a big advocate of rest and sleep because my brain doesn’t function at full capacity when I have not slept well and I like to give my 100 every time.

My social battery shuts down at 4pm especially when I am attending big parties. I am Nigerian, very large parties happen every hour and I am not even exaggerating.

As crazy as 2020 was, it was a good year for me because I had my first orgasm in January 2020 at the age of 28. It was delivered to me by Maria, a tracy’s dog toy.

I am very good at self-mockery, the best form of comedy I can engage in.

I graduated school and started a career in broadcasting and I am damn good at it. I guess I just want to express myself in all the formats available — podcasts, YouTube videos, writing, filmmaking etc.

I love having deep conversations with people, it gives me goose bumps and presents a random opportunity for me to learn something new and guess what? I like to share those conversations with other people because I believe we can all expand our perspectives in life and that can help us be more compassionate towards others.

I pledge to always help you with whatever I have learned and in this case, it is how to have better conversations.

If you would love that, then click this link here.

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Toyin Zuleiha

Toyin Zuleiha

I like to expand your perspective and world view with my words. How To Put Yourself Out There on Social Media- https://skl.sh/3HOaxr4 course #ZuleihaXpressions