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About Me — Vidya Kasarla

a dream catcher carving her own niche

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Firstly, I am really glad to introduce myself to all the beautiful souls out there!

About Me

I’m gathering colors to paint my life on the canvas!

I always wonder what would anyone want to paint if they were to put their life in a frame. I have listed down a few ideas on what to paint, but yeah, I want mine to be as unique as I think I am (Well, I am!).

I am an INFJ, a rare personality species. And I’m proud of that. I am a multi-passionate tiny human with not-so-tiny dreams. A dream catcher.

I am a Cybersecurity professional by day; I write or paint/Illustrate by night. Love reading books and petting plants. I am the creator and editor of Mini Mailer publication. Sunsets and stars, paper boats, and dream catchers, Polaroid photos are few more things that make me who I am.

Why I write?

No, I don’t write to earn money. I write to create a slight difference with tiny articles. I am here as a tiny leaf, to learn and connect with amazing people, in this gigantic tree called ‘Medium’. Because, when I leave to make my path through the breeze, I can have an abundance of wisdom for my tiny changes to this enormous world.

I always believe Art is as important as Science, in a person’s life. You need colors as much as you need code. Because, colors, drama, poetry give life to your robotic self.

I like vintage styles, cooking in pots, writing letters, etc., In fact, I like letters so much so that I started a publication around it, where you can write letters to your favorite books, authors, and little mundane things you are always grateful for. Letters are personal, are promising, and are very real.

I always strive to Go Green and be Eco-Friendly. I find myself reading articles around that topic.

My favorites

Role models: Leonardo da Vinci, Abdul Kalam, and my dad

Books (till now): All the light we cannot see, Why we sleep

Author: Anthony Doerr, Ruskin bond, Walter Isaacson

Song: Champion of the world by Coldplay

Music & Band : Coldplay, One Direction, A.R.Rahman

So, this is who I am. As I said, I love to connect with people and at the same time I shy away even to make an eye contact. I figured the mid-ground is virtual connection. Connect with me on Goodreads.

Lots of love on your way, from me!



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