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About Me — Ani Vidrine

Hi, I’m Ani

Greetings, fellow writers! It is such a joy to be a part of this inspiring forum with you.

I believe that the best way to tell you “about me” is to share a little about my passions.

I love to research and write. One of my favorite things is to sit with a big cup of coffee on the porch each morning and write. Writing is prayer for me, a way that I…




A publication dedicated to bringing out the stories behind the writers themselves. A place of autobiographies. Types of personal stories include introductions, memoirs, self-reflections, and self-love.

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Ani Vidrine

Ani Vidrine

Connecting to the deeper reality within all of us and offering the transformational tools that have been personally meaningful to me 🕊 alovecenteredlife.com 🤍

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