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2 min readOct 24, 2020



My name is Aaron Santa Cruz. I am 17 years old, and I reside in Missoula, MT, a city with about 74,000 people. In the past, I have grown up in much smaller towns (around 1,000 people). Anything in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) field catches my eye. I have been studying computer science since 6th grade, and am now the programming lead on a FIRST FRC robotics team (the only one in Montana). The computer science program at my high school is exceptional, and I am currently enrolled in the last class of the computer science path (computer science capstone). I also have completed the entire cybersecurity and networking path that my school has to offer. I wish to study computer science, but many of the options in Montana are limited (high school and college wise), and I wish to grow my knowledge to the highest potential by studying at MIT (or some other good computer science school). After I get my degree, I wish to learn how to teach, and teach computer science back in Montana, as options for learning computer science are very limited.

I also love to talk about anything political, philosophical, or even talking about thinking. I love intelligent conversations. Though, I don’t just love working out my brain, I also love going outdoors and having fun. Backpacking and bikepacking are extremely fun with friends.

My writing is going to be divided into 5 main sections: (1) Opinion- I share my opinion on something (2) Personal- A personal update (like this post or something similar) (3) Thought- A random thought that might not have an answer\ (4) If there is not defining word before the post, it is a factual piece with sources listed throughout (5) Programming- A descriptive article on something I programmed. There may be others from time to time. The most likely other one is creative writing/poetry. I will try and post daily.

I am excited to start my writing journey and see where it takes me!