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Do seeing the words, or the acts of ‘writer’s lift’, empower you?

About Me Stories
About Me Stories
2 min readApr 17, 2023


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Do you enjoy supporting fellow writers, sharing stories, and hope to contribute as an editor for a growing publication? About Me Stories is looking for editors who seek such individuals for our publication. We have a visionary team who seek to create a platform to lift, inspire and promote passionate writers.

By being an editor with us, you will be reading a lot more inspiring stories (often before publication!), get to e-meet and speak to more writers, and even expand your audience as you increase your presence on this site.

We’re looking for editors who would be interested in:

  • Reviewing and publishing stories [Open Role]
  • Development/Marketing: writers outreach, adding writers, sharing published posts to social media [Position filled]
  • Newsletter writing [Open Role]
  • Conducting and publishing written interviews on a monthly basis. This position greatly helps you to make more writer friends and connections on Medium as you would be speaking and liaising with interviewees. Often when these interviews are published, readers from both the interviewees and the pub would find your work and this greatly expands your audience and reach. [Position filled]

Past interview articles

A Writer’s Heart: An Interview with Katie Jgln

A Writer’s Dream: An Interview with Jo Ann Harris

Interested editors (for either positions), whether new or experienced are all welcomed, and we will provide guidance if you need it.

Please note that being an editor for About Me Stories is on a volunteer-only basis.

We look forward to hearing from you, and do fill in the form below to apply! Our team will be in touch with you shortly.



About Me Stories
About Me Stories

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