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Submission Guidelines for “About Me Stories” Publication.

Quy Ma
Quy Ma
Oct 26, 2020 · 8 min read
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The Publication: About Me Stories


We spend our entire lives introducing ourselves to people in every situation possible. Why should Medium be an exception?

One of the most important things a Medium writer should do is introduce themselves to the world with their first post. Veteran Medium writers have also figured out an “About Me” story gives their followers additional details about who they are.

I figured a place like a publication that can host all of the authors’ introductory stories and learn more about each other would make sense!

The Publication

About Me Stories is a publication that is dedicated to hosting stories about the best part about Medium: The Writers, Bloggers, and Dreamers! You! My goal is to make this publication a welcoming place for established and new writers alike.

This publication will feature the short autobiographies of all of us, the writers. I want to give a platform for those who want to tell others who they are, why they’re here, and what their goals are.

And to those who have already submitted their About Me stories, this is a great place to stick around and read about everyone’s stories.

This new publication is currently in its growth stage and writers are only allowed one submission.

One day, once the publication has grown more, it will be a place where writers can submit personal stories. Until then, once you submit a story, stick around!

The publication will always be filled with new and interesting people! You can read about other writers’ backgrounds and experiences. You can network and follow with other writers. And lastly, you might learn something new from someone on the other side of the globe!

My Vision

  • This publication will be eventually be filled with small autobiographies of Medium writers that come from all over the world, with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
  • People think of this place like a Medium Yearbook (or Medium Facebook) with pictures of the writers and a unique description of them.
  • This publication to become a friendly, inclusive, inviting place for all Medium writers, serving as an icebreaker for writers to network with each other.

Why You Should Submit an “About Me” Story

  • Tells your followers who you are.
  • Gives you an opportunity to explain your writing areas of expertise.
  • Provides you a more in-depth and longer bio, since the profile bios are limited by 160 characters.
  • Helps build a stronger connection with your followers.
  • Provides an organized way of directing followers to certain stories since the long-form doesn’t allow for easy browsing.
  • Provides followers with extra ways to contact you.
  • Provides followers your other social media profiles.
  • Personal branding!
  • Your About Me story will never go stale! You can update it whenever you want. New followers will always be interested in knowing more about you, therefore offering the potential to earn more read time indefinitely.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy! If you’re a new writer, that’s even better! Many new writers that submitted About Me stories here have said that their profiles saw increased follows and views!

Tell us a little bit about you, read about and follow others, and let’s support each other in our writing journeys!

Pin Your “About Me” Stories in Your Profile!

With the recent changes with Medium users’ profiles, many writers noticed the new profile format is now a long-form view. This gives more exposure to the top parts of the profile. A few writers decided that they could write About Me stories and pin it to the top of their profiles for more visibility.

However, with the changes comes downsides. Since the profile is long-form, it may take a while for your followers to scroll down to the articles you want them to see. Realistically, you can’t expect your followers to continuously scroll down your profile to find your articles. An About Me story provides the ability to give your followers shortcuts to your favorite stories.

I wrote up a quick About Me story, published, and pinned it to the top of my profile. This allows my followers to quickly access some of my content via my About Me since I provide links to my top-performing or personal stories in my About Me story.

Top writers on Medium like Zulie Rane and Danny Forest highly recommend every writer whipping up an About Me story.

Additionally, About Me Stories is a natural fit for the changes that are happening with Medium, especially with their emphasis on a more “relational Medium.” It helps humanize the writers more, putting more dimensions behind your favorite people on Medium!

Lastly, About Me stories can be advantageous to those who are seeking to build their following on the platform and expand their personal brand.

You can pin your story by going to your profile, scrolling to the story you want to pin and click the “…” at the bottom right of the story. Click “Pin Story”.

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Style Guidelines


  1. Your title must be in this format “About Me — Name” since this publication is strictly kept to introductions. I want to avoid competition with headlines. Capitalize Every Word and use double dash before your name.
  2. Subtitles can be used to describe who you are in a nutshell. Or it can be something witty! Or it can be a quote that you like to describe yourself. Use the little T to format your subtitle in the formatting options.
  3. At the very minimum, each story submitted must have an autobiography where you describe who you are. But feel free to be as creative as you want to describe yourself.
  4. Tag your stories with “About Me” and “Introduction”
  5. One submission per author!
  6. Audience: You can write with the followers of About Me Stories as the audience or towards the followers of your profile should you pin your story.
  7. If you’re stuck on what to talk about, here are some ideas:
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What are your Medium goals?
  • Talk about your partner/kids/family!
  • What makes you unique?
  • Any cool experiences?
  • Which topics do you like to write about on Medium?
  • What pets do you own?
  • Where have you traveled to in the world that resonated with you?


  1. We love pictures, especially personal ones. Selfies, self-portraits, family, pets, travels, whatever! Pictures help increase engagement so I would recommend adding one. If you don’t opt to use one, we’ll choose one for you from Unsplash.
  2. If you do add a picture, set the focal point of your image to make sure it’s displayed properly when published. Here’s a link on how to do that.
  3. You’re welcome to include contact information, personal websites, etc to further market yourself in your introduction / About Me.
  4. With that said, your privacy is respected and should be considered! If you write under a pen name or anonymous nature, feel free to introduce yourself as that instead. Feel free to divulge as much information as you’re comfortable with.
  5. Table of Contents is allowed!
  6. You can provide links to other stories you’ve written in your introduction posts.
  7. Don’t forget to pin your About Me story in your Medium profile for maximum visibility.
  8. We prefer unpublished drafts to help give maximum exposure to each individual About Me story, but we do accept published stories.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or a veteran writer. Your submission can be your first post or 1000th post. Everyone is welcome to say hello and introduce themselves as long as it matches the simple guidelines. That’s it!

Submission Steps (if you like words)

  1. Drop a response below, “I want to introduce myself!” and leave your Medium @username. For example, mine is @quyma.
  2. Write up your About Me story, following the guidelines stated above.
  3. Format of Title: “About Me — Name” Capitalize every word and use a double dash before your name.
  4. Once added as a writer, you’ll be able to add your story to the “About Me” publication by clicking the “…” at the top right of your story.
  5. Click “Add to Publication” and then click “About Me Stories” to submit!
  6. Use the tag “About Me” before submitting. If you want, you can publish the story behind a metered paywall.
  7. Jennifer Marie will review your story to ensure your About Me story matches the simple requirements of the publication and make the necessary edits. (Our current publishing time is up to two business days).
  8. Done! Now you can read about the other writers on the publication!

Submission Steps (if you like pictures with words)

1. Drop your Medium @username below!

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2. Draft up your “About Me” story!

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3. Once finished, click “…” at the top of your story. Then click “Add to Publication”…

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4. Select the “About Me Stories” Publication…

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5. Tag “About Me” right before submitting. The other 4 tags are up to you…

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6. Sit back and wait for our review! Our submission process could take up to two business days.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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Quy Ma

Written by

Quy Ma

Texan living in Utah. Market Researcher. INFJ. 1st Gen Child of Refugees. Empath. 6x Top Writer. Obsessed with unlocking people’s potential. Pragmatist.

About Me Stories

A place where Medium writers can introduce themselves. A place of mini autobiographies. No more, no less. All writers welcome! Tell us your story.

Quy Ma

Written by

Quy Ma

Texan living in Utah. Market Researcher. INFJ. 1st Gen Child of Refugees. Empath. 6x Top Writer. Obsessed with unlocking people’s potential. Pragmatist.

About Me Stories

A place where Medium writers can introduce themselves. A place of mini autobiographies. No more, no less. All writers welcome! Tell us your story.

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