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February 21–27, 2022

Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 02|21–27|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Eulyn Webb

I am seriously encouraged by those who write and publish daily. However, that is a tall order for me at this present time and so whilst I applaud you, beautiful peeps, for your outstanding achievements, I will stay in my lane but will endeavour to aim for that goal in the not too distant future.

About Me — Paul Neathery

I am 51 years young with a great son. I love raising him and look forward to him being a caring, strong, and smart young man soon.

About Me — Cornelius Schmeckelman

In the real world, I am a 27 year old financial analyst who spends a disgusting amount of hours analyzing finance.

It’s fine.

Truly, its fine.

About Me — Debbra Lupien

My favorite place to be was the library, with its treasure trove of books. Mythology, horse stories, and classics, like Little Women, transported me to other worlds and experiences far beyond the confines of tiny Edon, Ohio where I grew up.

About Me — Noran Azmy

I’m Noran. I write on things I care about, from learning and personal development to politics and social issues. I work as a software engineer at Google, though all opinions I share online are entirely my own.

About Me — Daemon Littlefield

I don’t have all of the answers, but perspective and education help inform decisions. Take what someone says, add it to what someone else says, et cetera, and add that to your own personal knowledge and history … you will get to the answer that is best for you.

About Me — Kelsea Daulton

My lack of courage explains my resistance to publish my writing in the past. It explains the resistance I’m confronting right now. The difference this time is I have the courage to share what I’ve learned and what I continue to discover.

About Me — Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

So, one me is a poet, one an actor, one a singer, one a teacher, one a writer, one an editor, one a photographer, one an artist, one a gardener, and all a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and friend.

About Me — Aun Gregg

I love to write about self-reflection, experiences, languages, cultures, travel, and poems. I am planning to write about mental health experience, books I have read, and feminism.

About Me — Aayushi Gupta

I hope somewhere deep inside my life story has made you think about life more intensely. How past issues of someone else can impact your present. I hope to get new learnings and continuous improvement at every stage of my life.

About Me — Sahil Wassan

I want to write something that people look up to, a book full of my experiences and for that, I am ready to explore the world and fill the void of knowledge. Being a content writer, I would pour myself into the pool of knowledge no matter what it is about, I will write my heart out.

About Me — Jim McAulay

I began writing for Medium over two and a half years ago. I am eclectic. My writing has evolved from publishing a few stories monthly to publishing daily. I currently write exactly 75 words, not one word more; not one word less. I always add a joke to every story I write, mostly very bad puns. I write about Python, Victorian short stories from 1896, Monthly humour, Python Turtle, Trump, poetry, and short fiction.

About Me — Loes Crama

I write about anything I find interesting. I find it hard to fit myself into one niche because I have many different interests and I do not like to be restricted in my writing experience. For those who do prefer labels: If you look at my recently published posts, most of them are tagged with technology, life(style), or creativity. Make of it what you will.

About Me — Rebekah Arana

I hope that writing on Medium will allow me to communicate with other writers. I want to share my love and knowledge of Paris from an American perspective. Finally, I would like to support other writers as we move toward greatness.

About Me — Casie Lamp

I’ve discovered one way I can do that is through writing. Sharing my experiences, being vulnerable, and helping them through their emotions to prevent burning out from a career they once loved.

About Me — Exorcistinpink

I don’t want others to experience the fear and sorrow I’ve been through. Whether that be from spiritual hardships or the mundane. If anyone has been through something similar to what I have I hope they can find some sense of solace in my words. You are not alone or unloved. No one ever suffers alone. There’s always a way out.

About Me — Emmanuel A. Anderson

So, if you have read some of my write-ups and all you’ve seen in them is purpose, self-discovery, and things relating to how we can transform our lives as individuals for meaningful experiences while here on the planet, this is my reason.

About Me — Lina Yan

I’m the same as everybody else, yet, I’m different and unique in my own way. Not just because of my origin, after all, my homeland doesn’t define who I am, neither does the place where I live in. I believe it’s me who can define myself.



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