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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 05|09|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Gina Aniano

While reflecting on my life and these moments when I never felt like a writer, it is encouraging to know that I have found my purpose through writing. Writing has always been the starting point in every major decision in my life. Whether through a mediocre poem, a crumpled-up journal entry, or a thought that expanded itself into a rambled essay in a word document- my major life choices and enlightenments are always unraveled through writing.

About Me — Casandra Reid

Becoming a mom has been the single most impactful and life-changing event for me. My greatest joy often comes at the end of an exhausting day when I pray with my children, see them off to bed, and wholeheartedly thank God for the family He has immensely blessed me with.

With all body parts accounted for, they are clean and fed, sheltered and protected, and loved beyond measure.

About Me — Este Minnie

I’ve learned a lot about myself, and a lot about life. I’ve learned so much that I know now more than ever how much there is to learn still. Different ways of thinking. Different ways of living.

About Me — Liz Holt Manning

The way you use words about yourself and your business is so powerful, and I think it gets forgotten in the image-filled visual life we lead today. A picture is worth 1000 words, but it’s words that leave the biggest impact.

About Me — LeLa Becker

I write because I must express and share the words that fill my soul. I write because I always wanted to be a writer but external influences swayed me away from a passion that I possessed since I was a child. I write because I have a lot to say and I crave to inspire others. I write because I feel the grace of God upon me when I touch the keys of my keyboard.

About Me — John Nicholas Bigelow

I’ve suffered from severe social anxiety for many years, and have only now taken steps to overcome it. I started here on Medium at the start of the year after a personal low point which I pulled myself out of, by writing personal journals. This helped a great deal in overcoming my irrational gut response to being exposed, though I still feel that there are many mental barriers that need to be broken.

About Me — Rhys (Part 2/2)

I’m a husband and a dad. My kids are the best thing in the world. I coach my daughter’s football (soccer) team, despite not being a fan of football. I’m Welsh, so rugby is my heritage, but in the last 5 years I’ve switched my focus to ice hockey. Go NY Rangers! (I’m also a Cardiff Devils fan — but British Hockey is not quite an NHL standard)

About Me — Kathy K

💙 I like being outdoors, some of the time, depending on where I am.
I like mountains, not deserts. Rivers, not oceans. Colorful landscapes with a wide variety of colors. I like to explore and walk the trail all the way to the top. The colors of nature are everywhere. Birds, flowers, waterfalls, and even the trail itself are filled with color.

About Me — Stacey Lynn Klug

I have always wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. I loved writing stories and then making everyone listen to me read them. I have always been a daydreamer so it seems natural writing was what came naturally to me.

I was a rather imaginative kid. It provided a nice escape when I got tired of being me.

About Me — Michael E. Wilson Jr.

Why do I write?

The way words dance mesmerize me. And, there is so much to say. So many truths to share. So many ideas to bring to life. It’s therapy. It’s art. The photo I chose is the intersection of writer and musician. But here, on Medium, I choose to let the writer emerge.

About Me — John Godwin

I also want to be a better human. I want to serve and help and make a difference. I want to have a lasting legacy of a positive impact on friends, the community, and the world. I’ve worked in non-profits for over 25 years, many of those in finance.

About Me — Marianne Irvine

So — my life’s work is about sorting out the mess — resolving, arranging, researching, analyzing, resourcing, contemplating, and processing. Writing helps to make sense of it.

Writing helps to remember where I have been, where I am, and where I’m going — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I look back on my writing and think, I remember that.

About Me — Arthur Dias

I still want to say something to the entire world. I still want to make my voice heard. Things are different now, though: I have a vague idea of what to say. I’m definitely more clear on how to say it. And the best part: I get to bring you along with me as I figure it out.

About Me — Madeleine McDonald

I left school with a certificate of shorthand typing in my pocket and the intention of working my way around the world. I got no further than France, where I settled in the ‘three-cornered land’ where France borders Switzerland and Germany.

About Me — Josue Sanchez

For the last four years, I have deconstructed my faith (meaning, I started asking lots of questions and doubted my most fundamental beliefs). Then, recently began to build it up again, one step at a time. My new goal is to love everyone I meet with no strings attached.

About Me — Ira Robinson

I’ve hit level 51 in this game we call living, but I spent the first 38 being able to see the world relatively normal. Within 6 months’ time that changed to what I have at this point. I still have slight acuity if I squint hard enough to crush diamonds, and have the permanent marks on my forehead to prove it.

So, yeah. I am blind, but I still write, create paintings, and do a scad-ton of other things “the normies” do. At least, when things are in perfect conjunction.

About Me — Lisa Wrench

With the world and its inhabitants in chaos, it is all too easy to fall into despair. The solace I have always sought in nature, in the rhythm of the seasons, in creating art, has of late been more difficult to find, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, or that it no longer has meaning or worth. Perhaps it is quite the opposite.

Chaos precedes transition. Transition means change. And change is an opportunity.



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