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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 06|06|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Erica Leigh

There was some desperate pretending going on, but also there are a lot of things that you just can’t pretend your way through when it comes to sustaining a traumatic brain injury.

I have also been struggling intensely with perfectionism my entire life. Over the past year or two, I’ve figured out that it really is the issue around which many of my other issues are centered.

About Me — Frankie Birch

I’m a complicated contradiction with a big heart. I am a lifelong learner and lover, always wanting to know more about the world we live in, about myself, and about how I can make this world a kinder, softer place, even in my own small ways. Softness, to me, is strength. I am learning how to be soft after so many years of feeling like I couldn’t be. It is so liberating and empowering.

About Me — Emina Musaefendic

Let’s get into a time machine and go back in time. I won’t go into any historical details, because I can’t recall any of them, and I don’t think they are of any use for this story. I’ll keep it simple. It’s somewhere around the year 1992, in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the republics of Yugoslavia. I’m not born yet, but I’m about to be, just a year from now. In the middle of all chaos. A war child, that’s me. Already impacted on a deep level by her environment.

About Me — Andrea O’Ferrall

I do what I can. I enjoy what I do. When I feel like the future looks grim and I’m not doing enough, I remind myself that I’m not causing harm. I have to be satisfied with what I do. I’m constantly resetting priorities so that I’ll be focused on what will do the most good. As in The Work that Reconnects, I start with gratitude.

About Me — Drew Hall

I would have loved to read stories about my grandfather, who built an airplane from motorcycle parts. He was a farmer and would read lots of books and engineer based on a simple notion of needs, and when there is a problem, perhaps all the parts to fix the problem are already there; it’s up to the imagination to put all the parts together was his mantra. He spoke four different languages too.

About Me — Shikha Saxena

Spent initial years of marriage, raising family and had best time of my life with kids and their initial school days. Got chance to travel USA, Australia, Thailand, Europe, back to India with my better half and children.

Recently celebrated our silver anniversary arranged by our kids! First milestone of a wonderful journey of married life!!

About Me — Jeanna Paden (JP)

What Makes Me Unique?

I honestly couldn’t say. I have a fairly weird mix of life experiences but usually, people don’t care. So objectively I don’t think I am unique. But, I have learned a lot and the former educator in me is driven to share and teach what I know to the people who are willing to take that info and run with it!

About Me — Patrick Parker

As a result of helping clients ask and answer big questions about life, I developed the Inner Leadership framework. I have shared this concept with leaders at organizations in the U.S., Europe, and India. I have published the Inner Leadership Business Series through Bookboon, the world’s most used corporate learning solution, and my first book, So, As You Go About Your Day: 365 Reflections For Becoming Who You Truly Are will be released in late 2022.

About Me — John Douglas Porter

I began writing fiction in the mid-1990s, when I was feeding cattle with my brothers, Charles and Chris, on our family’s ranch, which our great-great-grandfather Isaac J. Sparks received from the Mexican government in 1843. My brother Chris suggested that we write a screenplay about Sparks and his friend Allen B. Light, the first black resident of Santa Barbara, California. The result of Chris’s suggestion was the historical drama “Sparks and Light,” my first screenplay.

About Me — Amber Walters

Hi, I’m Amber. I’m a 22-year-old soon-to-be graduate of History at the University of Chester. When I left Sixth Form in 2018 I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. So I took a year out. Then I went to Uni in the subject that I did my best A-Level in. Now I stand before you, about to graduate and leave behind the city I have called home for three years, with still no clue what I want to do with my life. All I know is that I love to write.

About Me — Kassy Menke

Something I learned young is that people are going to say what they want to say about you and this can influence what you do and how you feel.

About Me — Jeff Sibley

All of our children are grown and all but one moved away. We have one grandson and a second on the way but since they will be more than 1000 miles apart, getting them together will present challenges.



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