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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 10|10|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Robert G. Longpré

I am old, as old as dirt as some of my grandchildren would have me believe. I am married to the same woman I proposed to three hours after meeting[she said yes]. We have three children who are now parents and going through the same pains as we did raising them. And, perhaps more importantly, we have eight grandchildren, seven of them are boys.

About Me — Shannon CB

And naturally, my appetite for reading went hand-in-hand with writing. As an awkward and under-socialized kid, I struggled to express myself verbally, so the written word was the next best thing. Writing has been a constant throughout my life, from the vivid chapters I’d scrawl in front of the fireplace as an 8-year-old to my current day job.

About Me — Anna

Not in the sense of living in Greece, but more in the sense that my family vaguely resembles the cast of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’ I grew up spending two nights a week at Greek school, a night at Greek dance and choir, and Sundays at my Greek Orthodox church. As a teen, I was heavily involved in the Greek Orthodox Youth Association, AKA ‘GOYA.’

About Me — Salisbury Writer

I’m retired, someone who was, more like someone who never quite was. I did OK, I enjoyed what I did (mostly) but, looking back, I could have achieved more. I think we all say that don’t we? It’s the old “I could have been a contender” thing. We’d all like to go back and change just one thing, except it’s never just one. If you change one why not another, and another until you are someone else entirely? That’s not what life is about. I’m the product of things I’ve done, things I’ve experienced, and things I still hope to do.

About Me — Kai

Cultures and languages attracted me since my childhood, maybe because of the early nomadic lifestyle of my family. My father walked from Vienna to Cologne within 6 months, stopping over in Czechia and Poland at just 11. He had to take care of his mother and two younger siblings. Walking home in ‘45

About Me — Rebecca Hawkes

I will always be grateful for the fact that abortion is accessible in England. Having seen friends have to order pills from the internet or hide their terminations from their families, I will always appreciate the privileged position I was in.

About Me — Letícia

Don’t stop even if it’s hard, be you no matter what, and above all be proud, when I was younger people always said I was a weird kid, it wasn’t far from the truth but it suck to me how I was considered the weird one cause I didn’t fit the standards of what “normal” was or rather didn’t compel in the same activities.

About Me — Fifi Leigh

My daily attire changed to less clothing because of the Cali weather. As a teenager, I often dressed like a surfer — long permed hair, surfer t-shirts, shorts, classic white Vans slip-on sneakers, and Mexican Baja hoodie pullover sweater, even though I was only a sidewalk surfer on my skateboard. I had embraced the California lifestyle and ambiance.

About Me — Hannah Smith

Hey everyone! My name is Hannah Smith and I am a 20-year-old college student just trying to take it day by day. I am from Northern Kentucky and I currently live with my grandparents (they’re amazing!).

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