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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 10|24|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Tanmaya

I am a Service designer by profession and I love this field as it has taught me some of the greatest life lessons. My problem-solving skills and design thinking approach have helped me navigate crucial challenges of life and have enabled me to become a risk-taker. You can read my design blogs here.

About Me — K S Fisher

I work in cybersecurity (threat intelligence) and love writing about digital privacy. But I’m also a photographer and love writing about that. I study both information security and philosophy and love writing about the latter too.

About Me — Mike Hickman

In recent times, I’ve written about my childhood, in the hope of understanding childhood. My upbringing genuinely involved almost zero contact with anyone else my age outside of school. No one ever called our front door. But then, my parents didn’t have friends, either. Or family, for the most part.

About Me — David Fixter

I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. I still live in what I consider the south suburbs of Chicago, but now I live across the border in Indiana.

I had an average childhood in the area I lived in. Not rich, yet not poor. We had what we needed. A roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and clothes on our backs.

About Me — Timothy Sullivan

We weren’t rich, but my parents loved each other, kept us well-fed, sent us to private schools, and made sure we all got presents for Christmas. If that’s not a privileged childhood, I don’t know what is. (I make no apologies for my privilege. Good fortune happened to me, it wasn’t a choice; I simply won the cosmic lottery by being born in the right place at the right time. So no guilt feelings, but I am immensely grateful.)

About Me — Selma Martin

April 2020, I wrote my first About Me on this lovely platform and shared parts of myself as my parts uncurled in current world events, namely the pandemic that I never foresaw would drag on this long.

Back then, as today, I consider myself lacking a funny bone, so I created a post formatted as an interview that I thought was fancy.

About Me — Dharmesh Basapati

I am an ambivert for sure because people who know me don’t know about me in detail. I don’t know but I am a completely boring person for someone and a completely interesting person for others, how I do it, I still don’t know, maybe that’s what we call ambiverts.

About Me — Heidy De La Cruz

I started writing about The New American Dream and then about random topics. I don’t have a niche on Medium; I’ve never been a niche gal. I like reading about various topics, so I enjoy writing about different topics. But I like that now I can tell you a little bit about the writer, me!

About Me — Nōa Yūgen

Luckily, amid the chaos and pain, I met my now husband. He’s my solid rock with unwavering support. Love standing tall against the racism and transphobia with had to face from our families.

About Me — Leonard Tillerman

In June of 1967, I entered this world. Kicking, screaming, and crying all the way. This could have been a foreshadowing of what was yet to come.

My early childhood years were tough. Our biological father left the family shortly after my birth, and my mother struggled to make ends meet. Struggling would be an understatement.

Tanmaya Rao K S Fisher Mike Hickman David Fixter Timothy Sullivan Selma Dharmesh Basapati Heidy De La Cruz Nōa Yūgen Leonard Tillerman

Glad to know you more! Thank you for sharing your story!

Welcome to About Me Stories! ❤



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