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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 10|31|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Caitlin McColl

My husband and I also love coffee. Neither of us drinks alcohol, me because of my mom, and my husband because he just isn’t a big drinker (probably the only Scottish person who doesn’t drink!). So our thing is to go to cafes. Especially when we go to our favorite vacation place — the Oregon Coast! Which we haven’t been able to visit, until now, since the pandemic started. Our favorite place to stay on the coast is Newport, which is about an 8-hour drive from home.

About Me — Jenny Gargarello

I am writing from the passenger seat of a vintage motor home using an old mac book. We stay in Baja, Mexico most of the year with our 3 dogs. Willy is 11, he is an adventure hound. Bear is 3 (also a hound), and he is unpredictable. Bodhi is less than a year old and has frenetic energy. He is a mini-poodle we affectionately call Poo. When we aren’t here we are spending time with family in central Michigan.

About Me — Amethysta

My background is scientific and technical. I have been a chemist, a professor, a software engineer, and a software manager. I have studied philosophy and psychology as a hobby. I have also suffered from mental health issues since my teenage years. I have struggled with substance abuse. I have hurt myself for reasons I did not understand at the time.

About Me — Mansi Shah

I work full-time as a Lead Android Engineer at a Software Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I have hands-on experience in Java, Kotlin, and Dart. I am obsessed with & learning Jetpack Compose nowadays! I am also a Flutter enthusiast, worked on 1 or 2 projects.
I write technical stuff from my learnings & experiences.

About Me — Carissa Serino

In order to cope with his tragic loss, I felt compelled to write about us. Writing about the life we built together allowed me to view our relationship from the outside looking in. It offered me a new perspective on drug addiction. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t understand. I was ignorant, and I am ashamed of myself for not being more open-minded. I would throw insults at him — that he was weak and pathetic and selfish for not thinking about his family. In retrospect, I wish I would have handled certain situations with more compassion.

About Me — Jill Ebstein

I wanted a flexible and slightly reduced schedule where I could work at home one day a week. It was 1989, and HP believed this was something professionals didn’t do. As I prepared to strike out on my own, HP came back with a “pilot” proposal. The pilot lasted 10 years until I chose otherwise and opened the doors for countless others. Of this, I am very proud.

About Me — Jill Eng

I am 58 at the time of this writing. I have found myself stating that lately in some of my articles, perhaps because it remains to be shocking to see it on the page. I am not someone who has ever minded aging, though I will say it is always strange to see it in print because, wow, the numbers just keep increasing!

About Me — Phillip Steven Alexander

She read the little local weekly newspaper from the headline to the last obituary on the last page. She read the town’s telephone book, the Montgomery Ward’s catalog (just before it was dedicated for use as toilet paper in the outhouse), the few Zane Grey westerns my father had read, all the O. Henry, de Maupassant, and Poe short stories and poems, and every book, magazine, and newspaper she could borrow from the nascent county library. She read to me not for hundreds but thousands of hours over my first few years.

About Me — Aden Curtis

10 — IBM hired me as a Systems Engineer without me applying for a job there

About Me — Robin Wilding

Working online for about 15 years now I have loved the freedom it has given me. It has allowed me to live in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for over a decade, and travel extensively throughout Central America and SE Asia.



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