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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 11|07|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Gioia Dalosso

I live in Wirral right across the river Mersey from Liverpool in the UK and enjoy aggressive rollerskating in the skatepark, spend endless hours with my friends up to all kinds of mischief and play Scrabble against a serious word master that shall remain anonymous.

About Me — Edmond A Porter

My name is Edmond, I am a father and grandfather.

There is nothing more important than family. Families form a chain that stretches for generations in both directions. I knew my grandparents well. I lived with my parents for twenty-five years, minus a little time here and there, before I married and formed my nuclear family. My wife and I raised five children and now we have eight grandchildren. I am the middle link of the chain.

About Me — Pacifica Goddard

Every parent needs advice, commiseration, and encouragement, hence the popularity of parenting magazines, blogs, and articles. I want to show that even when you are parenting a child with cancer or some other illness, you are still going through so many of the same struggles as every other parent. I would like to be able to bring other people inside the experience, in a humanizing, demystifying, and even beautiful way.

About Me — Hadassah Duoduwa

Now, I almost always say ‘No’ to the things I don’t want to do. I won’t lower my head or quake in fear when I’m asked to share my opinion. Not too bad for an ex-professional coward, eh?

My journey to healing and self-discovery has been eventful, and I want to share my experiences with others like me.

About Me — Kathryn Lee

As entertaining as it can be, dispatching is never a career path I had even considered. It so happened that the first work-study job I came across in college was for a Student Dispatch position. Before that time, my dream job had always been writing in some form or another.

About Me — Josh Clark

My first kiss was with my wife on our first date after a horse-drawn carriage ride. Fast forward to our wedding years later, my favorite moment was watching her jaw drop as I opened the doors from our reception hall, revealing the surprise horse-drawn carriage I had booked to carry us away.

About Me — Mark Vassilevskiy

Books help you understand some basic principles from different angles and points of view. Also, it’s very important to read biographies, because you’re simply reading about the experiences that someone got throughout his whole life, and you can get it by reading for several hours. Isn’t that great?

About Me — Micheal Woodruff

I write fiction. I write non-fiction. I don’t stick with any particular genre and I don’t limit myself to a singular niche. I know everyone says that picking a niche is the only way to gain traction, but I’m not everyone. I’m not an “in the box” type of Jack. The handle has been cranked enough times and I have sprung from the trap.

Gioia Dalosso Edmond A Porter Pacifica Goddard Hadassah Duoduwa Kathryn Lee Josh Clark Mark Vassilevskiy Micheal Woodruff

So good to know you! Thank you for sharing your story!

Welcome to About Me Stories! ❤



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