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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 11|14|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Toni Baldwin

I stumbled into investment banking at the tender age of 20, having just graduated top of my class from Cambridge University. I cringe at every word of that sentence, so let me temper my arrogance by adding that I genuinely haven’t mentioned that to anyone in nearly two decades!

About Me — Emily Mark

I struggle with feelings of anxiety and bouts of being down. But happiness and having it all seamlessly together is no longer the main focus. I also want to love the parts of me that feel unloveable. I want to normalize taking care of our mental health and embracing the unwanted chaotic mess that life brings our way.

About Me — Sridevi H.

I was an exemplary student at school too. Not that this has much to do with my aforementioned point. It was rather a preface to say that even with all my academic achievements, of which my Indian mom endlessly gloats at family events, what I am the MOST proud of is my continuous spiritual growth through this mundane, unavoidable passage of time called life.

About Me — Henry Tegner

I have been married to Agnes for 52 years at the time of writing this. We have three adult children and five grandchildren in their teens who are currently at secondary school and at university.

About Me — Julia Kors

Writing helps me to control my emotions, which I have too many. Also, it is a way to tell my story to the world. In my opinion, it must be heard. I read to learn something new and live through different experiences, which I don’t have a chance to touch in real life. I write to give my readers the same opportunity. Just one more of all the available ones.

About Me — Sharon Mitchell

Let’s see. Where should I begin? I hail from Virginia but grew up in the Boogie Down (Bronx, New York, to be exact). I am a mid-aged (you won’t be getting that number) alum of a popular university in Queens. Daughter to two hardworking, caring Jamaican parents, I was steeped in Caribbean traditions. I would have been shocked if there wasn’t something stewed or curried on the kitchen table during Sunday dinner.

About Me — Jussi Luukkonen

I have always been a writer. Words were my only friends when I was a lonely kid in a small village in Finland. They were my guides when things got rough and gave me hope when I was lost.

About Me — Victoria Powell

What else about me? I’m a gardener. I take care to observe the seasons and to grow my own veg. And I always go out of my way to step on crunchy leaves and fresh acorns. It’s the sound I love.

Toni Baldwin Emily Mark Sridevi H. Dr Henry Tegner Julia Kors Sharon Mitchell Jussi Luukkonen, MBA Dr Victoria Powell

So lovely to know you more! Thank you for sharing your story!

Welcome to About Me Stories! ❤



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