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Weekly About Me Stories Newsletter — 11|21|22

New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Lucía GG

I tend to identify myself with the sea. Most of the time you only see the surface, the tranquillity it conveys, but under the shallow there’s life, and there’s so much more to explore and learn about. And I suppose that’s me. A calm surface willing to express all that lives within it.

About Me — Addie Page

In terms of my actual life story, I’m in my late thirties, a happily married mom of two living in a small city in the American South. I’ve lived in this region all my life — I have a strong drawl when I’m talking to my kids, even if I drop it in the office. I also have a dog who is senile, bonkers, and the real-life inspiration for the canine character on this book’s cover.

About Me — Imma Baradyana

I am stubborn both in good and bad ways. I got that from my mother. Relentless, determined, persistent. Hearing “no” hurts but I know what I want out of life and why I want it, so I never let that stop me. I try, I fall, I cry (too damn much), I learn, I stand tall, and finally, I get what I want. I have the discipline it takes to keep going because the alternative is not attractive to me.

About Me — Kat

Reintegrating myself into my hometown with only $200 in my bank account was challenging. Rice topped with runny eggs, and green onions became a staple in my diet to save on groceries. I entertained myself with Netflix in between working hours and then slept. Rinsed and repeated that autopilot routine until my finances improved enough to afford more plane tickets.

About Me — Noreen Fahad

So, I am trying to conceive and since I was unable to have a child after trying for over 4 years and we reached the conclusion that my hectic job is giving me stress which is the main cause of my hormonal imbalance therefore, considering this, I left my job. Although, it wasn’t an easy decision to quit a such highly-paid job but it all depends upon your priorities.

About Me — Anggun Bawi

I love swimming in a pool but never on the beach.

Where I came from, people are big on being a teacher and very conservative. So when I tell them I make money by writing online, no one believes me. So up until today, they think I’m just some sugar baby or stuff like that lol.

One of my biggest dreams is to live in the Dolomites, Italy, for at least a month.

About Me — Christopher P Jones

Influences like these showed me a way of leading a life, the most important characteristic of which was to pursue my own pathway and to do so with patient confidence that, given enough time, I would find my true way.

About Me — Akemi Sagawa

I was born and grew up in Japan, and moved to the US in August of 1994. Remember a product called Microsoft Windows 95? I was transferred from Japan to Seattle to be part of the product launch group for the Asian market. I was originally supposed to be in Seattle only for 2 years, but here I met my husband (not a Microsoftie — an environmental engineer) and ended up living here ever since then.

Lucía Addie Page Imma Baradyana Khonema Vanh Noreen Fahad Anggun Bawi Christopher P Jones Akemi Sagawa

So beautiful to read your story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Welcome to About Me Stories! ❤



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