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About Me — Melinda Miles-Lindberg

My most defining moment during my childhood was a summer trip in that I took on the federal program People-to-People. With 30 other high schoolers, I toured Denmark, Poland, East Germany, Great Britain, and France. My struggling, single-parenting mother had taken out a loan for the tuition to send me.

Mom taught me I need to take what I want.

I still do that.

About Me — Anna Itzel Cazita

My family

I’m married to a Brazilian I met in California in 2014 and we have a daughter named Sophia. She is a happy, very girly, and wild little 2.5-year-old girl. She’s my northern star. I try to improve myself for her and shape my business in a way so that I can be the best possible mother to her.

About Me — Aeisha Aslam

In 2013, when I was an undergrad student my Facebook posts tricked someone to pay me to write. It was a shock, something I did leisurely could make me money. I did it for some time and left to focus on my studies. I passed out but my mind was a blank slate because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, professionally or personally. I appeared for a job interview, I was dead sure I’m not gonna get it and end up being hired. Either they were desperate or I got lucky. Whatever. Imposter syndrome and I were a thing even before people knew its name.

About Me — Jessica Penny

For a while there I was a borderline alcoholic who was trying to get her twenties back one date (and 5 Negronis!) at a time. Prior to that, I was a ghost girl, tiptoeing around the moods of an abusive ex-partner. And before that, I was a boy-band-obsessed romantic who spent Saturday nights reading Harry Styles fan fiction aloud to her housemates.

Melinda Miles-Lindberg Anna Itzel Cazita Aeisha Aslam Jessica Penny

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