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About Me — Christine Heart

I write for a few Publications here on Medium. I read about things happening all over the world. I am an artist. I am a mess. I love humor. I love dogs. I love soccer (because my husband loves soccer). And I love when strangers show kindness to one another.

About Me — Orianne Gambino

Overall, I have a lot of paradoxes. I am extremely calm in certain contexts and excited in others, I look very confident and can be, but I also doubt myself constantly. It feels like my life is an exploration for balance between these parts of me that seem opposite but somehow make sense together.

About Me — Julia Lawrinson

In February 2023 my first picture book, City of Light, will be published, qualifying me as a proper children’s book writer. Most people unfamiliar with children’s lit ask children’s writers, ‘When are you going to write a book for adults?’ Children’s lit writers, though, know the real question is, ‘When are you going to write a picture book?’ A picture book means you’re the real deal. What a picture book lacks in pay, it makes up in prestige.

About Me — Heather Ewings

In Summer we are visited by echidnas. Again, these are wild echidnas. Last year my daughter and I sat outside and watched one snuffling among the grass, looking for ants. It wandered straight up to my daughter, and then came over to me, bumping my bare foot with its long snout before ambling away.

About Me — Lynn L. Alexander

I have a bachelor’s degree in English, and many moons ago I was the editor of my college newspaper. I have a variety of writing interests, including humor, health, grief, personal essays, and entertainment.

I am an almost two-year ovarian cancer survivor and I am now living a new normal, whether I like it or not.

About Me — James Bellerjeau

How about now? Now I write the weekly Career Path column for the ACC Docket magazine. That column contains wonderful career development insights, and not just for lawyers. I’ve been teaching law students at the University of Zurich for about ten years. I’m a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University.

Christine Heart Orianne Gambino Julia Lawrinson Heather Ewings Lynn L. Alexander James Bellerjeau

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