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About Me — Meggan Barraza

On paper, I accomplished everything I wanted to do. When I was 21 I remember telling my Dad, “I want my bachelor’s, maybe my master’s, and I want a job in a cozy office where I can be left alone to do my work.” Who would have thought that getting exactly what you wanted would suck so much? Now being 33, like so many Millenials, I am discovering that I want my life to be defined by experiences, not my job or education. In January 2021, I purchased a Copywriting Course by Sarah Turner and I have been writing and learning about copywriting ever since.

About Me — Lisa Renard-Spicer

I was born and raised in southeastern Michigan, but have lived in California and Japan. Since 1999, I’ve made Virginia my home, though we recently moved from the suburbs up near DC to a mountain-metro city in SW Virginia. In some ways, that’s been a lot like moving to a whole different state again.

About Me — Alina Feito Caldas

I’m in my late twenties and my partner and I are living in a small flat in a big city in the German Southwest. Well, we live more like sublets with our cat, who lets us stay there in exchange for food. We call her Madam affectionately because if I’m honest, she sets the tone in the house.

About Me — Jake Aron

I was born in Dallas, Texas. My twin brother Josh and I had to be delivered during the twenty-third week of my mom’s pregnancy. That’s considered “the brink of viability.” If we arrived a few days earlier, doctors wouldn’t have even tried keeping us alive. In the rush to save me, a nurse who was squeezing an airbag to pump oxygen into my lungs kept shaking her head because it wasn’t helping. The doctor asked my dad if they should keep trying, knowing that the longer it took, the more likely that I’d suffer serious long-term consequences.

About Me — Joyce Chuinkam

I’ve visited about 20 countries.

Living in LA for 7 years is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere.

My family is my rock, anchor, foundation, first love, board of trustees, comedy club, support group, fan club, all things — what hair was to Samson.

I probably have an equal number of male and female friends.

About Me — Tejaswini Katreddy

My motto in life is to stay true to my values and live without regrets, everything else will take care of itself. I have no special talents but when I am determined to do something, I give my best, and it eventually works out. In rare cases, it doesn’t but I have at least tried, so I am fine with it.

About Me — Kris Talks Life

At the age of 13, I remember wanting a £500 Sony stereo system and went to my parents thinking I was going to get it because that’s what parents do right? they buy their kids whatever they want. But no no no my parents rejected my request to teach me a very valuable life lesson which I’m very grateful for. I was told if you want expensive things then you have to go out and work hard for them.

About Me — Kathleen Blahovec

About a year ago, my husband and I left Pennsylvania, where we were both born and raised. The truth is we were tired of the rat race: opposite work schedules, a big house to maintain, a perpetually never-ending to-do list, and a full calendar of things we didn’t want to do. In our new chapter, we have embraced remote work, a smaller space, fewer possessions, and more freedom to do the things we love. It feels truer and more beautiful.

About Me — Sanidhya Samyak

16. I LOVED Pokémon as a kid and recently my love for the franchise rekindled when I saw everybody collecting and selling Pokémon cards again. Of course, I had to do it too ;)

17. I have tried learning to swim multiple times, and I still can’t swim to save my life. This is something that I hope to learn very soon in the future.

About Me — Denise Lance

For reasons I will never understand, I pursued a double major in English and psychology in college. I only typed eight words a minute, so there was no way I could keep up. I thought of quitting or just taking one class at a time, but I did not want to do either. I had heard about assistive technology (AT) but figured it would cost $10,000 for a computer I could use. One day, I decided to take a chance. I asked my dad to buy me a PC I saw on sale in the paper. He did, and when we brought it home, I said, “Put the keyboard on the floor. I want to try something.” And the rest is history!

About Me — Adriannaerys

I am on a mission to help people optimize their lifestyles and prevent brain fog. As dementia and depression are rising, I help by communicating science and behavioral tools with neuroscience backup.

About Me — Katrin Petautschnig

So I’m asking myself, what if I can’t remember small tiny details of my life one day that made me wonder about the world, that made me smile, or the feeling I had on my trip to Italy while eating pasta?

It is the method that will force you to find joy and sweetness in everything, however small.

About Me — Jamie Naquin, LMT

Work — I’m a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and founder of New Orleans Sports Massage, home of Therapeutic Muscle Sculpting and Muscular Realignment, providing the most intense bodywork in the Gulf South region. We primarily serve bodybuilders, dancers, ball players, teachers, nurses, lawyers, and others whose bodies need to be in top shape for peak performance whether in the ring, on the field, at the office, or on the playground with the kids. We also help people with chronic pain and injuries.

About Me — Bradley Gammel

I want to write about film and share my passion for the artist medium here on Medium. Reviews and, eventually, posts covering film terminology, theories, and more are on my slate for the future.

About Me — JB Hollows

For the following year, I offered to give talks whenever the opportunity arose. Need a speaker at a breakfast meeting — I’m your girl. Looking for someone to make a presentation — I’ll do it. Want someone to make an announcement — let me.

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Thank you for sharing your story! Greatly pleased to know you and have you as part of this community. Happy writing! :)

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