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February 14–20, 2022

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New Introductions to About Me Stories!

About Me — Shruthi Sundaram

Finding Medium, falling in love with writing, the process of penning down my thoughts and giving them a structure, interacting with new writers, forming human connections, everything hit me like small waves — add up to transform into a vast tsunami.

About Me — Neha Sonney

I write to challenge perspectives and bring more self-awareness, because self-awareness changed my life. I went from being a miserable person to one who loves life and jumps out of bed everyday and open today’s gifts with enthusiasm.

About Me — Alex Philippe

I am a deep thinker and introvert. I used to consider this as a flaw. But I’ve since changed my mind, as introversion has great advantages, such as being more creative, more patient, more gentle with people, and a powerful listener.

About Me — Melissa Marietta

As an artist, my guiding principles are to be real and raw. My writing explores the polarities of parenting, and of being a mother, wife and feminist. Within each moment of frustration and fear lies beauty and peace. I could say that my family are my muses, however it is the way in which I understand myself as a parent, as a person, and a woman, that truly inspires me to write.

About Me — Jas

June 4th, 1989
- Jas was born. Apparently, I cried. It felt weird being out in the world after being in a cozy little cave for 9 months.

There’s A Connection There

Though it would have been easier to stick him into a box when I learned that one detail, I saw that I had a chance to learn a little more from a person who thought very differently than I do. Than literally most anyone in the group of people I associate within Portland. How often do we get a chance to do that anymore, especially now, in the age of Covid?

About Me — Jo Ann Harris

I am an older writer and have only been doing this since 2018. I worked previously for fifty years being an office assistant/manager with some financial firms. I found Medium.com through another site I was writing on at the time. I decided not to write on that site anymore to just go directly to Medium.

About Me — Clare Xanthos

While my professional career to date has focused on academic publications, I also love authoring for a wider audience since this gives me the opportunity to share my work and ideas beyond the academic community. I look forward to continuing to use my writing to make a significant impact on racial equity and health justice.

About Me — R. Lola U.

Simply put, I scribble words with the intent to leave indelible life lessons, inspire humankind to free the mind from unnecessary worries and live freely, define one’s own essence, or plainly for reading pleasure.

Her Bad Attitude Didn’t Alter My Day

Words from others are just that, words. Yes, we have been taught that words hurt, but at this point in our lives, we should know how to deal with this issue.

When is Failure Finally Enough?

That’s the hard part. The learning and trying. The trying and failing. It’s all connected and once you’ve figured out how to push through it, then you’re life will become more comfortable and relaxed.

My life is going to take a completely new turn

Maybe things will never be the same as they were earlier. Maybe I will never live anymore as a kid whose family takes care of her. Maybe I will start thinking more deeply about career and money than I used to. Maybe I will become responsible and mature as a young lady.

About Me — Ea Gesika Acaylar Carrera

Working ethics wise, I can also be very bold, stern, straightforward, and firm. However, my self-awareness knows when I should let loose and show warmth, understanding, listening, and obeying.

About Me — Allison Burney

I’m a dreamer with big ambitions, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to live a better, healthier, more fulfilling life. My journey through life and what I learn along the way is what fuels my writing.

About Me — a curious firefly

I believe life is a classroom. For a curious person like me, the world is my laboratory. There are all kinds of things to test and see and do. Experiments to run. Data to collect. Questions to ask.

About Me — Dominique

How do you write a book so fluid that people can literally read it in any order without being led somehow?

Five Things Failure Taught Me

It’s alright to admit defeat. I lost, plain and simple. I wasn’t good at it but, more importantly, I didn’t like it.

About Me — Bonnie Joy Sludikoff

Now I’m writing full-time and devoting a lot of that time to writing on Medium. I’ve fallen in love with this platform; I love the immediacy of being able to get something online without waiting. I love having people highlight my work… and I have loved engaging with fellow writers over the last few months!

About Me — Alexander Yung

I’m currently a student at Boston University, studying philosophy, psychology, and architectural studies. But after college, I plan to do something completely different: copywriting, UX design, and UX writing.

About Me — Patty Apostolides

I hope through my writing and music, I can share my soul, my aspirations, thoughts, and emotions, and hopefully, leave this place better than when I found it. I look forward to sharing my works on Medium!



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