About Me — Gracia Kleijnen

Writer, spreadsheet & tooling nerd, amateur filmmaker, personal development junkie (aren’t we all), language lover, introvert.

Image of the author in Prague, Czech Republic (long before Covid) — Taken by a friendly stranger

My name is Gracia Kleijnen, and I came here to write *aggressively chugs down a cup of coffee and slams it on the table while placing fingers back on the home row*.

Professionally, I freelance in copywriting. That implies I write a lot. And the production of streams of words does not end there.

I’m an introvert with a lively inner world. The results of taking the Myers-Briggs test yearly confirm this. Here, I retrieve past experiences, and evaluate them through the lens of the current me. To share with you a story, a lesson, tips, or merely someone else’s point of view on part of our shared human experience, often paired with dry humour or sarcasm.

As a former coding nerd, I still love my tech and tools, so you’ll come across the occasional software walkthrough, review, or recommendation. Not to mention a publication dedicated to spreadsheets. Feel free to read here about the rise and fall of my short-lived programming career. As I’m learning marketing, I will write on that too to consolidate my knowledge. As they say, you don’t understand something well enough until you’re able to explain it to others.

Apart from that, I write about how I feel, what I’ve learned, steps I’m taking to improve my life and how you could improve yours, and also my failures. They’re part of it all, the good, and the bad.

Writers whose work I like to binge-read on Medium

Books I’m reading now

I like to read books mostly in the categories of self-help, business, psychology, entrepreneurship, marketing, and writing. Currently, I’m simultaneously reading:

  • Deep Work by Cal Newport, on the importance of granting yourself long, uninterrupted stretches of time to dedicate to important work
  • Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, on how our brains fabricate an interpretation of reality using memory and perception to fill in the gaps
  • Chasing Daylight by Eugene and Corinne O’Kelley, on how a man planned his death when he suddenly got a 100-day deadline

What I do when I’m not writing

Learn languages for fun, read books and Medium articles, pretend to be an illustrator on my iPad with ProCreate, take online dance classes (this used to be in-person, before Covid), write how-to’s for one of my blogs where I teach non-technical grandmas and grandpas how to use their iPad (in Dutch), film and edit videos, or escape from the city to take multiple hour-long walks in nature. I love “bitpacking” and slow travel, but put that on hold as long as the current situation isn’t resolved. I’m not a foodie, but I do like to spend time in the kitchen to try out new recipes.

Achensee, Austria — Image by author.

The Archive

Browse through all my work, sorted by date, in the archive below.

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Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures.

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