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About Me — Vivek.K.P

Hello, me Vivek here hoping that all of you are fine and doing well, yesterday I was here to write a time pass blog. Today’s topic is not about a particular and specific thing. Today’s blog’s topic, it is so wonderful(not at all wonderful)that no one can guess, what is it? Today’s blog is all about myself. LOL!

This phot has always been my profile picture, it’s from my ID card. It was the photo taken in 5th for 6th standard.

As you all know, I am the one who types the same intro and outro to increase the content, what you think is totally correct. I am a simple man, I always like to be simple and I never like to get decorated. My inspiration is Swami Vivekananda and my favorite quote is written by Swami Vivekananda (All power is within you, you can do anything and everything, believe in that) I am little religious and I always like to keep myself clean and I always prefer to have a clean surrounding like this

I know it’s not at all clean.

I clean my place only once or twice in a month. I need more space, I never keep anything organized, there is some type of happiness when you throw your things here and there (people who are always organized can’t get this another type of happiness). I like writing more than reading and speaking(I speak too less). I am a tall guy.

I hate taking photos and giving pose to photos. I am 100% kanjoos(saving something in everything) and I prefer waking early because it keeps me active throughout the day but I don’t like to wake up early.

I like food which everyone likes. I don’t like sweets or sweet foods, I like foods with masala because these foods are more tasty. I always think of swimming in junk food but I eat more healthy.

I hate this type of food.

I like to watch and play cricket. Cycling is the best, love cars and bikes, like more racing games and games in which my brain works. I am a good chess player, know to make food which can keep me alive (dosas and idlis if batter is there, wash and peel fruits and vegetables for eating, then I know to make noodles and to make chapati’s also)

I am always up to date and I complete my work on time. I never like to lag in my works, I can do anything for completing my works. This online classes made me learn about various tools and I got tons of knowledge from online class. I was not knowing to install a app before the pandemic but now I am capable of doing unexpected things.

I am strong enough to kill a human and I never harm animals which don’t harm us. Proud Indian and I know to speak and write 4 languages(Kannada, English, Tamil and Hindi) I don’t dream about the future because I like to move on with my life, that’s the reason if someone asks what is my ambition, I won’t have any answer to give and I am always ready to face any problem.

I help my mom in house cleaning, she sweeps and I wipe, water plants, feed dogs and more(these works are not even half of what my parents do). I always like to fight with my brother. I am a committed TV and Youtube viewer. I am always interested in increasing my knowledge even online and offline. Love eating dry fruits. I prefer a cold place rather than a hot place. I like plants and trees. I have lots and lots of books(encyclopedia’s, stories, novels and magazine which are lying here from years)but never read any book. Even indoor games there are many but never played frequently.

I like to watch and learn but not read and learn. I am always a big fan of science-fictional and detective type cinemas. I love travelling and I keep everything safe. I feel so sad for everything which gets lost. Once in 2nd standard my mother gave a brand new colored eraser and by mistake I throwed it to the drinage and I felt so sad that I can’t say, even today I remember that eraser and that time hot wheels were famous, even I had one and my brother had one, by mistake he threw it to the drinage(drinage has always been my enemy and thousands of balls got lost in the drinage). I have tons of friends. I like all type of songs and music and I am expert in controlling emotions.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading, clapping, commenting, following, sharing and subscribing. Meet you all in the next blog till then take care and be safe(once again the same outro). Till then peace out!! (:

Photo by Jonas Stolle on Unsplash




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