I probably won’t come to your party, but I promise I’m still worth getting to know!

My name is Corrie Alexander, and I’m a thirty-something Canuck living in Ontario.

I’m what you’d recognize as a textbook homebody. I work from home. I eat at home. I exercise at home. I seldom leave the house save for exercise and errands.

And that was before quarantining was cool.

Like most introverts, it’s not that I don’t like people or going to social functions, but I can only do them so often and have to mentally prepare myself in advance. They’re just exhausting somehow.

Maybe it’s because I find it really difficult to put myself out there in person…

Using my curiosity about the world to fuel the curiosities of others

Hi there! I’m Kassondra O’Hara, also known as Kassey to my friends. I’ve also been referred to as Kassie, Casey, Cassie, Kasey, Cassidy, Chasity, and most popular, Kathy to those that I’ve recently met. I was born in 1983 and even though it would make me older today, truly wish that I had been a teen during the 80s. I would have completely rocked that decade!

I did most of my maturing in the 90s, when my lack of height was in my favor, as your jean bottoms dragging the ground was actually considered super cool. I think growing up…

Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. Canadian; I am a woman who wears many hats but what defines me the most, is being a New Zealander and a mother.

Selfie! Barbara Dalton

“Why on earth did you leave NZ?” This is often the first question I am asked after the inevitable clarification of where my accent is from (usually confused with being English or Australian — even after 25 years, I cannot shake it!) I came to Montréal with my husband and 5-month-old daughter, Hannah, on a one-year contract for his new job. Well, that one year has turned into a life sentence! We produced another two kids, have subsequently divorced but this is now home to me, us. …

A.K.A. Midori by the Sea — Still a loneliness researcher, writer, social entrepreneur

Author indeed!

Hi everyone, this is Priscilla Yeung. Previously I have been writing under the name Midori by the Sea.

I research, write and find practical solutions to the issue of loneliness. This concerns every one of us, not just the rapidly ageing population.

Let’s heal from this so-called loneliness epidemic.

My story and my belief

During the pandemic, or perhaps even before, I felt very anxious and was eventually diagnosed with anxiety disorder. …

Seize the moment, my friend, there’s no better time than now!

Hello, I am Annapurani, a typical 27-year-old who can wolf down packets of M&M’s before you bat those eyelids.

Annapurani Vaidyanathan

If I were to describe myself, here are some phrases I would use…

Eccentric. Impulsive. Unpredictable. Holds hands with trouble. Jack of all arts. Hoards books for a living and sometimes reads them too (when she is not sleeping). Never gets tired of procrastinating.

What I do

I am a data journalist based out of India. I am an electronics and instrumentation engineer by qualification, I went on to work…

Unlearning to learn.


I’m Ananya (Un-un-ya).

I reside in Delhi, the capital of India, I am in my late twenties (26), and I’m learning to take life, one day at a time.

I live by the three words,
Sabr, Shukr, Dua” (Patience, Gratitude, Hope).

The picture was taken at Sandton Mall, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Academically, I’ve completed my Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in History from the prestigious Delhi University and a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Marketing from a B-school in India. I’m a full-time consultant in a big-4 finance organization and work on solving complex challenges by analyzing data. …

As far as writing is concerned, I’m back in the saddle again

Author’s Archives, circa 1979. But we still cute!

Hey, there. I’m Brooke Ramey Nelson, a native Texan, former journalist, politico, PR person and high school teacher, who joined Medium in December 2020 to get back to what I’ve always loved to do — wrassling words.

I thought about starting this essay with the traditional greeting of my forebears: “Howdy!”. But I decided, for the better part of valor or something, that I didn’t have to be quite so obvious about my origins. Isn’t the pic above enough?

My lovely partner, Moker, and I have been married going on 42 years and have been together for 45. Obviously, we…

Who am I? I ask myself this question probably more than any living creature in our solar system (If I said universe maybe I would be overexaggerating)

Heraclitus said: “Panta rhei”, which means — Everything flows. “We cannot step in the same river twice. When you step in the river for the second time — both you and the river are changed”. — This is one of my favourite quotes.

I am constantly changing, just as everyone and everything is. Who I am now, I will not be … well… just now. That is the beauty of life. It gives you a chance to better yourself, to grow.

I am 22 years old — there is so much more ahead of me than behind me (hopefully).


Photo by Allison Cecile — This is my dog

Hello world! Nice to meet you. My name is Allison.

Who am I? I am many things.

I’m an engineer who has always had a passion for reading and writing. Somewhere along the journey of “growing up”, I put down writing for fear of judgment.

Caught up in the ultimate rat race that life can be, I forgot how much reading and writing meant to me. …

Writer, Photographer, Guitarist, and Some Other Stuff

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