Utexan. I like to grow and empower businesses, people, and myself. 6x Top Writer. INFJ.

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My Bio

Welcome to my profile page! My name is Quy Ma (pronounced kwee maw, if you were curious).

I’m 32 years old and I’m a first-generation Vietnamese American, the oldest of three boys. My parents immigrated to the United States after the Vietnam War to start a new life, away from an oppressive regime in the 1980s.

I was born in Oakland, California, raised in Houston, Texas, and now live in the beautiful state of Utah with my wife and two Siberian Huskies.

An aspiring writer who loves talking about science, academia, and life. Published on The Startup and Illumination.

The Author

Whenever it comes to talking about myself, I try to crawl back into my shell. I’ve never been a big fan of promoting myself but to broadcast my writings, it’s imperative that I talk about myself. So, trying to give a glimpse of who I am and why I’m here.


Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.

By birth, I’m an Indian and to be more specific, a Bengali. I happen to be a chemist by…

A social justice writer with a love for carrot cake and the ocean

Me with my husband Alec and our rescue dogs Jasper (left) and Ginny. Photo provided by author.

On Medium and Twitter, part of my tiny bio includes the words “grad school drop-out.” This descriptor is important to me because I was married to the idea of school, academic accolades, and degrees for way too long. I feel proud that I left a program that wasn’t a financially wise decision for where I was moving my life. Being a drop-out of sorts represents growth for me.

I am an Enneagram 1. If you haven’t heard of this personality typing system, I wrote an overview you can read here. Basically, Type 1s are called “Reformers” and are known for…

A late blooming boomer

Photo taken by a former work colleague, CK Nadikat of Marie A Bailey

Hello, dear Medium readers and writers!

Well, that was easy but now for the hard part. Whenever I have to introduce myself, I always stumble. Who am I?

I grew up in north-central New York, where there are more cows than people. My hometown is very small, so small you often can’t find it on a map. Not only have people left over the years, but my hometown has also lost the few amenities I enjoyed during my childhood. It no longer has a post office, a school, a library, or a gas station. The post office was the last…


If you look on the satellite image of Google Maps and check out Six Nations Reserve №40, you’ll see a green space marked off by a grid. That’s where I was born. The green space was much larger then. We were surrounded by farmland up and down the Grand River back when when Toronto was still in Toronto and if anyone heard of a developer he owned a drive up photo shop or at least an Irish pub. When you travel through the area today the Reserve is surrounded by ugly cracker box developments or overpriced and overbuilt houses…

The girl who won’t leave her hair alone

Hey you. :) Thanks for checking out my About Me story. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily normal, but I’m a lot like other people in the world. I’ve been through a messed-up childhood, and am just trying to work out adulthood like everyone else.

Where I’m From

My name is Nikkole, I go by Nikkole Writes.

I’m from a city of about 30,000 people in the middle of Illinois. Let’s just say I’m 2.5 hours south of Chicago. Okay, fine. I live in Bloomington, IL. The sister city of Normal, IL. …

Hope enthusiast, positive psychology nerd, survivor and productivity geek

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Coincidentally to seeing the call out for About Me stories, I have been reading a book today that has a task for each chapter; today’s chapter ended with writing a short version of my life story, so here goes.

Hello! My name is Emma, and the worst question anyone could innocently ask me is, “where are you from?”. You think it’d be an easy answer, but nope, I do not have a simple response. I’d love to be able to just name a city where my roots are, but I can’t. You see, I’m not from anywhere, I’m one of…

Image of May More out on the moors — Copyright May More

More about May

I love writing. Full stop. Fiction, real life, sexy, romantic, dark, serious — you name it I want to do it

I am May More. That is my pen name but is also very much — me — who I am. Who I was and, who I have become.

Let me explain.

May More existed long before I opened this Medium account last year. And she also existed before my blog — Sex Matters — was online in 2017. Those of you who have my email address will know that the name on the account is C More, or C May More. And the fact is, that was my name at birth. …

Who am I? Well, I’m still trying to find out.

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Introduction…. Introduction… Talk about yourself… Who knew it would be so hard to type a few words about your identity? I’ve checked some “About me” stories from other writers… Let’s say that most of them nailed it! So it’s my turn, and I’ll do my best here.

First things first: Why Haruno?

Well, my name doesn’t really matter since nobody seems to remember it correctly. There are just so many different ways to write it and pronounce it. In French, my native language, I’ve had it in all the variant possible, and abroad people seem to enjoy reinventing it. …

Mantra: ROAR

“Do not fear. God provides for lions so he will provide for you as well.”

Kiran Kumar: Picture provided by author

Who am I?

A businesswoman, a writer, a poet, a mother and middle-aged! My life has had many ups and downs. However, I have always never given in or given up to what has challenged me from the time I was born.

I have always been a fighter having been born two months early, I fought to enter this world and have been fighting ever since! Born a Piscean, my forever choice has been always to swim and to never sink…

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