Top 10 Reasons to Love Phoenix

10. There are amazing life forms here that just don’t seem to live anywhere else, like the saguaro.

9. There are not enough plants here to fuel the fires like in California, not near here.

8. There is not enough rain here to flood for very long — it floods on over a micro area and quickly dissipates.

7. Even the name means rising rekindled from ashes.

6. It is affordable and beautiful, and there are jobs.

5. Mountains, sunshine, arid conditions conducive to outdoor enjoyment.

4. At the bleeding edge of living with heat and managing scarce water technologies.

3. The sky at sunset and sunrise.

2. The pleasant winters, fall and spring.

  1. A built-in annual excuse to visit the rest of the country during the extreme heat.

Not all who wander are lost. J. R. R. Tolkien

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