Never Stop Learning

My friend Thomas Frank of College Info Geek has a t-shirt that he sells with the phrase “Never Stop Learning” on it. I wear it almost every Thursday to remind me that I’m to give my overarching focus and attention to training myself — and others, like my coaching clients — on that day of the week. (You can get that shirt here.)

But I don’t just learn on Thursdays. And I don’t just teach on Thursdays, either. I’m open to doing both every day.

Some of the things I learn are directly related to my work. Things like I use my iPad Pro far more than my MacBook Pro. I had no idea that there were so many lifestyle trends that originated in Scandinavian countries. I didn’t know what “The Schmeling Effect” was until I started writing this piece.

Some of the things aren’t seemingly about work at all. Like that you shouldn’t machine wash a pair of jeans for six months. I had no idea how deadly television’s “Friday night death slot” really was. I didn’t know what an estuary was until yesterday.

I challenge you to be more open to learning things both in and out of your wheelhouse. When you do that you get out of your bubble and start building a richer life.