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Never Jump to Conclusions!

But You Need to Master Both Rapid and Delayed Answers!

run-hard-get-into-shape-woman-run-black-background-jogger-jump-with-long-run-fit-athlete-fashion-sportswear-athletic-female-sprinter-runner-active-dynamic-run-fast-finish-soon — Un Swede
Jump — Photo by Romeo22 | Freepik

I’ll be the first one to admit that if I have conclusions based on faulty premises, then let me know about that, and I’ll be the first one to change it.

Gary Johnson

According to My Experience, a Fast Mind Is Often Critical




Life lessons from my work, personal and business success and failures. Collected since I was born.

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Un Swede Svensson

Un Swede Svensson

I write to you, experiences from my work with management, coding, startups, and as icing on the cake, some of my life lessons. https://unswede.com/-/join_team

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