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WTF, I Hear Everyone Talk About, Passive Income, It Is so Good!

On Earth. how I Can Do It.

business-man-holding-euro-bills-office-bank-saving-money-withdrawal-banking-deposit-salary-bribe — Un Swede
Income — Photo by Roman- | Freepik

Once we realize the extraordinary power we have to compose our lives, we’ll move from passive, conditioned thinking to being co-creators of our fate.

Jason Silva

So I Just Did a Wikipedia First!




Life lessons from my work, personal and business success and failures. Collected since I was born.

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Un Swede Svensson

Un Swede Svensson

I write to you, experiences from my work with management, coding, startups, and as icing on the cake, some of my life lessons. https://unswede.com/-/join_team

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