Prognostore: The 3-in-1 Business Solution for SMEs

Running a business effectively and efficiently is one of the key qualities of being a good entrepreneur. This can be quite stressful and time consuming on an individual who has to concentrate on multiple tasks as well as run a fast growing retailing business. Accounting, inventory management and customer relations are vital for business growth, so imagine a tech platform able to customize all these business requirements and so much more all in one platform. Well, this is what Prognostore is all about; a “prognosis” for your store!

Prognostore is a 3-in-1 business solution software, designed for Point of Sale, Stock Inventory Management, and Business Analytics for small and medium business owners.

It offers offline, web, and cloud based solution support with no special installation required with an ability to work on mobile and PCs alike. Its functionality is a secure and an easy all in features inclusive of multi-user/location/currency, business management analytics, theft control, notifications, sales tracking, customer relations management, third party accounting apps integration and full on access control support.

The Prognostore platform boasts of several competitive advantages such as cost effective operations, efficiency, smarter work, robust tool and simple to use. Its key vision according to its founders Ade Olabode (financial payment expert) and Humphrey Oviasogie (product design expert) has always been to streamline business operations and simplify complex business processes for owners due to first-hand personal experiences.

The most exciting thing is that SIC has partnered with PrognoStore to offer our readers with retail businesses this robust retail tool.

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