Talking Blockchain, AI & Complex Systems

Fascinating talk from Trent McConaghy, Founder & CTO at BigchainDB, visiting the Santa Fe institute in New Mexico. Not only some clear descriptions of how Bitcoin and Blockchain work, but also some great discussion on how this affects the future of AI and vice versa.

Here’s the YouTube description:
Will describe how complex systems relate to tokenized ecosystems, aka blockchains. I will describe AI DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) and how blockchains can be viewed as life forms. I will describe how blockchains help democratize access to AI data and algorithms. I will describe how best practices from evolutionary algorithms help in token design. I will describe how agent-based systems might be repurposed for simulation in a token design loop. In sum, the complex systems world has useful theory and tools for the blockchain world, and the blockchain world has highly relevant applied problems.

Trent has generously shared the slides for his talk over on SlideShare — enjoy!