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Dear Community,

We’ve invited you all here to say thank you! Thank you to all the DAO, NFT, Social Token, and DeFi communities who made Collab.Land a part of your team over this last year.

Because of you, we get to experiment, solve coordination problems, and build meaningful relationships. It’s an honor that is not lost on any of us. So all that to say, we are providing to you:

The Membership NFT.

This gift allows us to leave “breadcrumbs” to acknowledge all the early adopters of our tools. It’s your vision, creativity and curiosity that drives us, and the first step towards rewarding this collaboration is recognizing your participation! So to everyone who has verified with the Collab.Land bot, in almost 10,000 tokenized communities, we thank you with the Membership NFT. We are so fortunate to work on this with Popil. She is an accomplished illustrator, designer, painter, NFT artist, and an all around bright light.

To make this gift completely free to all members, we’re minting the Membership NFT on Polygon. You will need an ETH wallet to receive it.

The Patron NFT.

Along with our general Membership NFT, available for your purchase is
the Patron NFT.

If there were ever a moment to experiment, this is that time! Can we ignite an era of shareware that is community-owned and operated? Can we iterate towards a sustainable open source business model? Shouldn’t we have full control of our online identities? Without getting too meta, I believe we are the ones to do it.

Long term alignment between users and platform developers starts with funding. And the truth is, I don’t want to put a value on all of this just yet. All of you, all of me, all of this thing we have made together. So how about we just hold on to it a while longer and make sure we can protect it first.

And like others in this space, we have been approached by forward thinkers who see the merit in what we are doing. And given the amount of funds available, it would be easier for us to take that option. But Collab.Land was born from web3 communities and exists to serve web3 communities.

That’s why I am taking a big swing here and coming to all of you for this.

The Patron NFT is just a fan badge. It’s for fans of the Collab.Land service. If you think we’ve added value to the ecosystem and will be good stewards to communities in the future, then consider buying a Patron NFT. This will allow us to grow wider and further through partnerships with other Web3 projects and those wanting to join us. This also means we can keep token-gating free and accessible and make user privacy and ownership of your identity the top priority. The wheels are already in motion for custom Collab.Land bots, decentralized IDs, verifiable credentials, additional blockchains, deeper DAO integrations, a web interface, and much more.

There are 420 Patron NFTs available at the price of 6.9 ETH each. These will be minted on mainnet so gas fees will apply. The remaining 90, from a total collection of 510 Patron NFTs, will be kept for the team, seed investors, the CollabDAO (keep reading), and future partnerships.


To set the stage for eventual decentralization, 50 of the Patron NFTs and the majority of the NFT royalties will go to CollabDAO with the intention of decentralizing in phases. Having had the privilege of participating in the formation of Moloch and MetaCartel, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges of bootstrapping a decentralized community and being effective from day one. I’ve also been through several startup acquisitions and understand the misaligned incentives and lopsided decision-making that can stem from traditional financing. That’s why we are taking a hybrid approach. The CollabDAO will work alongside the core team so we can decide together the best time to exit to community.

All this to say thank you for your support, partnership, and enthusiasm as we build this new world together. WAGMI.

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