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Heidy’s Haunted Night

Emma Rose Erotica
Absolute Erotica
9 min readJun 1, 2024


Was it all a terrible dream, or had a demon bred me in disguise?

Caution: The following content contains descriptions that some readers may find disturbing or offensive due to its graphic nature. Reader discretion is advised.

As a journalist searching for compelling stories, I reached Willow Inn at twilight with just the basics — a change of clothes, my laptop, and my phone. My goal: to spend the night and confront the inn’s famed hauntings, challenging my skepticism.

Despite its dilapidation, Willow Inn retains an eerie allure. It is as if the long-abandoned building whispers secrets and tales from its bustling past, transcending mere ghostly whispers.

I selected a quaint second-floor room with the inn’s sole surviving antique four-poster bed, bizarrely adorned with a clean, rose-scented quilt.

I took a small battery lantern and a flashlight from my pack and spread my sleeping bag on the bed. I got cozy, and my curiosity as a journalist kicked in, ready to record whatever happened during the night.

As I settled into the solitude of the ram-shackled Willow Inn, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was on the cusp of something profound for which no…