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My Wife’s Date Night (His View)

Emma Rose Erotica
Absolute Erotica
12 min readJun 15, 2024


An erotic story in three parts, told through multiperspectivity, captures Annie giving a friend a blowjob at her home. It unfolds through her husband’s eyes, who watches in secret, the friend who receives the blowjob, and Annie herself as she presents it.

My visits to Annie’s art gallery started as nothing more than a routine to see her, but soon, a friendship took root. I knew she was married, yet I had never crossed paths with her husband, David.

Lately, I’ve sensed a change in how Annie interacts with me. It may be wishful thinking, a product of my own attraction to her. Still, there’s something undeniable about the softness in her eyes, the gentle way she started to touch my arm, and the flirtatious lilt in her voice.

Annie is the type of young woman who’s impossible not to be enamored with. Her magnetic energy draws people in and…