Your Thoughts Create Your Destiny

Michael Weeks
Absolute Zero
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4 min readSep 11, 2019


Did you know that your thought patterns influence your biochemistry? How we think affects our physical attributes as well as our outcomes. Studies have shown that our thoughts alone can significantly impact our fitness, vision, and strength among other things.

So how can we change our thought patterns for the better?

The classic approach is to wash down some ashwagandha with a swig of CBD oil, add fresh turmeric, and call it a day. While these have many benefits, we’re missing the elephant in the room: our thoughts.

Our thoughts, you see, sculpt our brain. An architect who designs 3D models and blueprints all day will have a significant advantage in geospatial mastery. And so it is with us, if we spend all day happy, sad, angry, or depressed, we will be masters at what we have practiced (knowingly or unknowingly).

Electrical signals and synapses sparking in your brain form structure through patterns and repetition. These ‘exercises’ can be used for good and bad. It’s like setting up a GoFundMe to save a kitten or a deciding to become business partners with Ajit Pai. You must choose carefully.

Over time, these signals and receptors strengthen, new synapses form. Your thoughts are programming your cells. When we experience happiness, sadness, anger, etc. we release a flurry of neuropeptides. These neuropeptides connect with receptors on other cells in our body and they change their structures.

When the cells divide, they now carry the same receptors. Whatever emotions you’re allowing to happen will create fertile soil for these same emotions to happen over and over again. Fake it till you make it doesn’t sound so crazy after all.

PaaS (Placebo effect as a service)

We know that the placebo effect takes place when you’re given an inert treatment, like a sugar pill (you’re told it’s a cancer treatment for instance) but you still experience significant, healing results.

In a 2014 study, researchers discovered that taking a pill for migraines (clearly labeled as placebo) still worked and was 50% as effective as real medication to reduce pain because the action stimulated the brain to thinking the body is being healed. The lead researcher, Ted Kaptchuk, stated, “People associate the ritual of taking medicine as a positive healing effect.”

The placebo effect essentially works because of the power of thought. Real physiological outcomes (as well as cognitive) are realized such as less fatigue, reduced anxiety, elevated hormone levels, and lower immune system response.

The Mind and Body Connection

The mind and body connection is much stronger than we think yet the vast majority of us spend so little of our time trying to enhance it.

“People have significant psychological resources to improve their well-being and performance, but these resources often go unused and could be better harnessed.”

-Ulrich Weger & Stephen Loughnan

Healthy Living in Action

So how can you start using these resources and improve your physiological and cognitive abilities? Studies have shown meditation has increased grey matter and has countless other benefits. Practice this for 10 minutes a day and expect results after at least a week of consistent practice.

They say if you can’t meditate for 10 minutes because that feels too long, then you need to meditate even more. If you can’t sit still, try stretching or yoga and focus solely on your body.

Practice mindfulness, gratitude, and programming positivity on a daily basis. Make sure you’re eating right, having quality social interactions, and exercising. It’s like a diet, you need a little bit of everything to be healthy. These are great places to start to create a foundation for the benefits you want to proudly carry in life.


Your thoughts and beliefs are much more important than anyone ever taught you. It probably poses a question for you as to why nobody talks about these things that matter. But I’ll leave you with a final thought. Everyone tells themself a story, what are you telling yourself and how will it support your ambitions?