Q Series — Happiness

Fabin Rasheed
Dec 3, 2018 · 2 min read

What is happiness? Is it an effect? Is it an event? Is it a state of being? Is it permanent? Is it a series of fleeting events?

What is happiness? Should we be satisfied with the pursuit of it? Or is there an end to it?

Can happiness be reached by getting something? What happens once you get it? Can happiness be reached by leaving something and getting it back, by controlling something and releasing it, by doing something and undoing it, by riding the wave up and then down? Are we all happy differently, or are we the same when it comes to happiness?

Is happiness joy? Is it mirth? Or is it content? Is it a state of permanent ecstasy? Would you like to be any of this or would you like to be in pursuit of it? Does the river end in the ocean? Which is better, being in the river or the ocean? Or is there nothing called “better”?

What is happiness? Is it a smile on the person next to you? Is it a piece of artwork you just saw? Is it a book you just read? Is it a life that you just fixed? Or is it just the only thing that you don’t have and you are looking for?

Or do you really want to be happy? Is happiness just an overused cliche that you don’t feel like relating to? That you are a misfit and happiness is not the aim of your life? Then what do you want in life? And when you reach that aim of your life, what next?

Don’t you have a favourite food? Is it tasty if you keep having it all throughout the day? Does it mean that you need the downs to appreciate the ups? Is the same true for happiness? Does being happy also mean you should be not happy? Or is there a possibility that happiness is the one thing that doesn’t require a down? That there is a permanent state of happiness as in the words of the enlightened? And if that is the only thing that deviates from the norm of duality, what is its basis? Accomplishment? Acceptance? Love? God?

And finally how to be happy? Just be… happy? Or do we have to “do” something to be happy? And if we are happy, then what else to do in this world? Is it just… play?

Q Series is a series of questions on a subject not trying to answer anything specific but to invoke thoughts in one’s mind.

#happiness #life #thoughts

Abstract Code

A river of tech, art and design which ends up in the ocean of meaning

Fabin Rasheed

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Designer | Creative Technologist | Inventor | Artist | AR/VR | AI | Tools for creatives | Ex-Adobe | Ex-Xerox

Abstract Code

A river of tech, art and design which ends up in the ocean of meaning

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