Weekly Digest: May 15, 2021

Exactly where you need to be

David Andrew Wiebe
May 16 · 4 min read

It’s been roughly 19 months since I left Calgary.

I came to Abbotsford knowing that I’d made the right choice. The move wasn’t smooth, orderly, or easy. But I was following a calling, and there were more than a few signs along the way showing that I was on the right track.

Before I could even begin to appreciate my new surroundings, though, I found myself processing and mourning all that had just transpired in the last year, basically in a whirlwind.

Our family dog, Kenji, passed. I left behind a city full of friends and family, and even opportunity. I gave away, sold, or stored away most of my belongings. And the wounds from my previous relationship were still fresh.

I’d moved to Abbotsford to connect and collaborate with friends, but early attempts were mostly disastrous. Still, because I was planning to travel the world, I didn’t have any sense of attachment to projects gone awry.

Then, of course, the pandemic came along. I ended up being locked down in Calgary for about three months while visiting. In June, I finally made my way back to Abbotsford.

Once I got back, I spent quite a bit of time with my friends in Vancouver, at least to the extent that I could, but there were still lonely stretches, especially in the last four months or so of the year.

Things started to change in 2021. Relationships that were previously strained began to blossom. Collaborative opportunities began lining up. And, as you might gather from some of my publishing efforts this week, I started to gain a better sense of my identity and what I’m here for.

The point is that maybe you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

It’s often been said that timing is everything, and that’s exactly what I’ve been discovering in the last few months. If I had based my entire experience of Abbotsford and Vancouver on the first 12 months, I would have only affirmed the temporary nature of my stay. But I would have missed all that is unfolding now.

Things may not be going the way you thought they would. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t exactly where you need to be. Maybe it’s just a matter of timing.

With that, here’s what I created for you this week:

Music Entrepreneur HQ

Here are the posts that went live on Music Entrepreneur HQ this week:

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News Break

Here’s what I shared on News Break this week:

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Random Things I Dig

Featured Product

I’ve been developing some awesome bonuses to go with it, and plan to improve its design too.

And yes, I might even be making it into a Kindle and paperback!

But it’s never too late or too early to join the ranks of those who now identify as Renegade Musicians.

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Final Thoughts

Originally published at https://davidandrewwiebe.com on May 16, 2021.

Abundance Attraction

Stories about life, personal development, and spirituality.

Abundance Attraction

We grow. We learn. But when we don’t share, we stop the flow. Keep the flow going by sharing your life lessons, personal development lessons, and spiritual journeys.

David Andrew Wiebe

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Abundance Attraction

We grow. We learn. But when we don’t share, we stop the flow. Keep the flow going by sharing your life lessons, personal development lessons, and spiritual journeys.

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