Abundant is…

Abundant is at the beginning of the beginning.

By its dictionary definition, it means “existing or available in large quantities.” Our current culture has taught us to associate abundance to the dollar amount in our bank account. We have been conditioned to always want more: measuring happiness by our current finances. Abundant is so much more than that.

Abundant is an energetic, a frequency. It is a way of being that is available to all of us right now. It is not a level of achievement that is unlocked when we get to the next level of the game. Abundant is a choice.

Abundant is also the name that we chose for the brand of our life’s work. It’s a word that is both alive and rich in the present moment, and an aspirational transmission of what is possible. Abundant is an experiment in business, consciousness and culture. It is a co-creation with the most beautiful, aligned humans on this planet to build the future together.

Abundant is more than I can write in one post. Which is while I’ll be publishing a new Abundant Daily every morning as we continue down this path together.

Abundant Daily

A daily dose of Abundant content to guide you on your Golden Path

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Living somewhere between the past and the future and building next generation products at Abundant through technology and simplicity.

A daily dose of Abundant content to guide you on your Golden Path

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