Abundant Scarcity

I had a fascinating conversation last week about fake abundance.

This is when an individual or an organization is talking the talk of being abundant, but they are still holding on to old world values that are driven by fear, control and scarcity.

There was a super powerful takeaway from that conversation for me: it’s possible, and in fact required, to be abundant and inclusive of these old world values.

Knowing that they are going to come up and be a part of the conversation. Not trying to mask, dismiss, ignore or overcompensate for them. Accepting that they are real and they exist and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

When we can be abundant and loving of scarcity knowing that it still exists at some level in each and everyone one of us, then we have truly begun our path toward becoming Abundant.

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A daily dose of Abundant content to guide you on your Golden Path

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