F*cking Empathy

I never thought I’d drop a f-bomb in the title of a post, and yet here we are…

This week has been a powerful reminder that empathy is one of the most important skills and strengths we can build as leaders.

Whenever we come to those moments of “what was this person thinking” or “how did we get here,” the best thing we can do is get curious. Tap into empathy.

Whenever we hit a roadblock in a sale, negotiation, or interview, tap into empathy.

Whenever we find ourselves in an argument, disagreement or rough patch in any relationship, tap into empathy.

Whenever we approach a new business opportunity, look to build a new product or want to accelerate growth, tap into empathy.

By tapping into our ability to truly understand what another person is thinking, feeling and experiencing, we are able to connect deeply to what’s really going on. We change our own perspective. Drop emotion and judgement. And seek to understand.

From that place, we are able to best serve those we lead and able to best lead ourselves.

Please. I’m asking nicely so I can avoid future f-bombs in titles. Next time you are in a challenging situation, try to tap into empathy and be curious about what you are not seeing. Often, that change in perspective reveals more than we could ever imagine from our stuck vantage point.

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A daily dose of Abundant content to guide you on your Golden Path

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