Intentional Currency Flow

I spent a few years working from coworking spaces filled with wide-eyed entrepreneurs who became some of my closest friends. I picked up a lot of interesting habits and beliefs in that environment, but one of my favorite is how intentional I am when spending money.

I want to ensure that the money I spend is supporting things that I believe in.

Whenever reasonably possible, I am going to spend my money on companies that are making a difference, entrepreneurs who inspire me and organizations who share similar values as me.

I buy lunch from places that are locally sourcing their food and producing it in environmentally friendly ways. I buy clothes from brands who are using their platforms to promote change. I donate money and support projects that are attempting to make the world a better place for all of us.

We have the ability to vote with our wallets every single day on things big and small.

The greatest impact we can make with our money is to spend it on things that are important to us, inspire us and make a difference in things that matter to us.

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A daily dose of Abundant content to guide you on your Golden Path

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