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    Take the Best Parts

    There comes a point in our self-development journeys where we all come to a similar and somewhat confusing realization.

    We live in a world of information overload where everyone has thoughts, opinions and stories on how things should be. Two very intelligent and knowledgable people can present perfectly reasonable explanations for the exact opposite information.

    The most productive time of day is early in the morning vs. late at night.

    It’s best consume protein before working out vs. after working out.

    The best style of leadership is to give autonomy and trust your people to do the right thing vs. being in the trenches with them.

    I could go on with these examples all day. We can’t even decide what to do with egg yolks!

    The answer is simple and should be fairly obvious at this point. It comes from one of my most recommended books to people, “Steal Like an Artist.”

    You need to create a massive discernment filter that allows you to take the best parts and pieces that work best for you.

    Stop trying to do things the way someone else did them. Figure out what parts feel most aligned with you and your situation and style. And do them.

    Become a hybrid of the most inspiring people and things that resonate with your Abundant Self.

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