Unique Genius

Every single person on this planet has a beautiful gift that they are meant to share with the world.

It may be hidden or not so apparent to us, but it’s most definitely there.

Our unique genius comes from the combination of our individual experiences and how we interpret them, our natural talents and abilities, our environment and just a tiny dab of luck.

It is our responsibility to share this gift with the world as no one else can but us. No one else has walked our Golden Path. They are walking their own path and have their own gifts to share. And so do we.

If you are unsure of your unique genius, you are not alone but that is not an excuse.

It is up to us to discover what comes so naturally and effortlessly.

Surround yourself with people who truly see you for who you are. Put yourself in an environment that helps you discover more of your own abundance. Spend time exploring, tinkering, creating art, taking classes, attending events, reading or writing in pure curiosity mode.

Once you begin to find your unique genius spend as much time as you can mastering it. It is your love offering to the world that will become your legacy.

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