How I grew Vue Mastery’s Medium traffic by over 479,000

A technical content marketing case study — How 8 educational, SEO-focused articles drove almost half a million new views to Vue Mastery’s Medium

Derick Sozo Ruiz


Gregg Pollack, the founder of Vue Mastery, and I worked together to grow his company with engaging, educational blog posts on Medium.

Vue Mastery’s primary target audience is new Vue.js developers. With SEO keyword research, it was discovered developers were already searching for how to accomplish specific Vue.js tasks. We focused on educational content to attract developers interested in completing those specific tasks.

A Vue Mastery case study

Here are the articles we brainstormed and I wrote for them, along with the specific numbers each article achieved:

1. 10 reasons to use Nuxt.js for your next web application

Putting everything together, 10 reasons to use Nuxt.js for your next web application got 179K total views, 130K views from Google, and an 85 hour 26 minute total read time.

179K total views. 166K external views. 85 hr 26 min total read time.

2. Best Practices for Nuxt.js SEO

In total, Best Practices for Nuxt.js SEO received 97K total views. 71K of these views were from Google; 10.9K came from Email. In total, Medium members spent 37 hours 34 minutes reading this article.

Best Practices for Nuxt.js SEO received 97K total views, 71K views from Google

3. How to create Vue.js transitions

The transitions article received 72K total views, 55K external views from Google, and a total 12 hour 46 minute read time.

4. How to create a custom VuePress theme with Vuetify

This VuePress theme with Vuetify article got 42K total views, 32K external views, 22K views from Google, and a total reading time of 11 hours and 52 minutes.

An interesting distinction about this article is that it was distributed by Medium early on, meaning Medium further propagates the article through its network.

5. VuePress vs Nuxt.js

This versus article received a total of 44K views, 39K external views, 27K views fr6om Google, and a total of 11 hours 56 minutes of read time.

6. 5 Vue CLI 3 plugins for your Vue project

This Vue CLI article got 24K total views, 18.3K views from Google, and a total of 1 hour and 42 minutes of read time.

7. Speed up development with Vue DevTools

8. 5 lightning talks from VueConf.US you can’t miss

In total this lightning talk

In Conclusion

In total, all 8 articles achieved 480,000 external and internal views combined. The total read time of all the articles from Medium members is 161 hours and 18 minutes. I’d say that’s a very good number for 8 articles.

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